Manthan Unveils MAYA, the First AI Powered Conversational Agent for Business Analytics


Manthan revolutionizes user interactions with complex business applications by providing ubiquitous access to sophisticated business analytics through an intuitive voice-based interface powered by Artificial Intelligence for easier, more accurate, faster decision making.

Manthan business analytics

Manthan’s Maya for Business Analytics

Manthan, the global leader in Advanced Analytics and Big Data for consumer industries announced the launch of Maya’, the industry’s first Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered conversational agent for Business Analytics.

While voice-based personal assistants have been in existence for some time, there is a distinct lack of conversational agents for business analytics applications. Maya fills this void with an AI-powered Conversational Agent. Maya enables users to interact with sophisticated Enterprise analytics applications as if they were human, using natural language and receive AI-powered insights for decision making on-the-fly.

Reduce the need for Analysts or IT experts

In a conversation with Maya, a CEO can simply ask Maya, the reasons for the decline in sales in a specific area of the business. Maya will sift through millions of data points in real-time, slice, dice and analyze them using sophisticated analytics and respond with accurate answers in seconds. With Maya, business users no longer need to rely on Analysts or IT experts to uncover deep insights by poring through large volumes of data, they can just ask. This easier, faster, more accurate decision making powered by artificial intelligence not only revolutionizes the way users interact with business applications but also spawns new classes of users.

CEO Comment

“We believe Maya will have a massive impact on both usage and users. This is a momentous shift in how business users consume analytics for decision making and puts Manthan firmly on the path to lead the transformation to zero-touch user Interfaces and voice-based interactions” said Atul Jalan, CEO, Manthan.

Maya is powered by AI technologies such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), intent analysis and deep machine learning embedded in Manthan’s Analytics products. This continuously learns and can provide personalized answers based on a user’s role and context. Maya is presently integrated with Amazon Alexa for voice-based interactions and is available for simple text dialogue-based interactions as part of Manthan’s Analytics Suite.

Manthan showcased Maya and its AI-powered decision-making capabilities at booth #4111 of the National Retail Federation (NRF) Convention & Expo, January 15-17, 2017, at York City’s Jacob K. Javits Convention Centre. 

“This is a momentous shift in how business users consume analytics for decision making and puts Manthan firmly on the path to lead the transformation to zero touch UIs and voice-based interactions”

— CEO, Atul Jalan, Manthan

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About Manthan

Manthan is the Chief Analytics Officer for consumer industries worldwide. Manthan’s portfolio of analytics-enabled business applications, advanced analytics platforms, and solutions are architected to help users across industries walk the complete data-to-result path – analyze, take guided decisions and execute these decisions real-time. Sophisticated, yet intuitive analytical capability coupled with the power of big data, mobility, and cloud computing, brings users business-ready applications that provide on-demand access and real-time execution – the only path to profit in a contemporary, on-demand and connected economy. Manthan is one of the most awarded analytics innovators among analysts and customers alike. To see how your business can gain from analytics, visit

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