How to Make Working from Home More Comfortable

Working from home might have been something some people did before 2020, but it became a much more common practice during the pandemic. While some people have made their way back into offices, others have found the flexibility of working from home or freelancing to be a better fit.

But, while working from home has its advantages, it also has its drawbacks. If you’ve made a more permanent switch to a home office, you may need to make the space more friendly for focusing on getting things done. 

Here is how you can make your workspace more comfortable. 

Tips to make work from home more comfortable

Tips to Make Your Work from Home Space Better

There’s no specific perfect way to decorate or outfit a living space, as your needs and lifestyle could be very different from another person’s. So, consider how to adjust your home or apartment to work for both your life and career.

This could look like a variety of things, but here are some easy examples to incorporate:

  • If saving money or reducing environmental impact is essential to you while spending so much time inside, consider installing a bidet. This will do both of those things and make your bathroom comfier.
  • If you need a delicious cup of coffee to start your day, invest in a higher-quality coffee maker or even consider something fancier like an espresso machine. You’ll be able to enjoy each morning more, especially if you are used to getting free coffee in the office.
  • If you feel like you’re spending too much time sitting at a desk, look into options like a standing desk or treadmill. Or, try to incorporate more breaks into your routine.

As you tailor your home office to fit your needs, you’ll start to see more and more about what you need from the space and how you can be productive and comfortable simultaneously.

A Few Items to Consider

As you think of improving your office or workspace, there are some items that many other workers swear by and that have the approval of Time. While they might not all work for you, here are four upgrades or gadgets to try:

A smart mug

A smart mug will keep your beverages at the right temperature through meetings or focusing sprees for people who often forget to drink their tea or coffee on time.

Items to brighten up the space

Whether you have a designated office or not, making it your own through a bit of personalization will help you enjoy the workspace more. Plants are a good option, as well as aromatherapy like candles.

A better chair

Spending hours sitting in an uncomfortable chair isn’t good for your mental or physical health, so you could look into a more ergonomic choice.

Some work clothes

One of the biggest perks of working from home is that you don’t have to put together cumbersome outfits daily. While you might feel better if you at least get somewhat ready for the day, you can set aside comfy options such as soft socks or a warm sweater.

Once again, you’ll want to personalize the items you purchase to what suits you. The longer you work from home, the more you’ll fall into a natural routine. You can buy the items that support your work and mental health while ignoring any suggestions that don’t fit into your life. 

With a few adjustments, you’ll feel more comfortable and productive working from home than ever before. 

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