If you are working for an organization that makes PowerPoint slideshow for special meetings, events or conferences, then you might have to put a lot of effort to develop such projects. Since, the task of preparing an efficient PowerPoint presentation will require skill and experience so that you can inspire the target audience through PowerPoint templates.

However, today, many professionals are putting their presentations on websites and blogs, so that others can see them and can take some ideas from them. Visitors will be able to download those files easily on their computer and will avail ideas if it is relevant to them. Here you will learn about how you can make ppt presentations more efficient in your websites.

efficient powerpoint presentation

Upload and Link Your File

You can upload the PowerPoint presentation to your web page and add link to it, as you do with other files. Visitors will see it and will download it if they find it relevant and important for their purpose.

However, visitors will only be able to open the file if they have PowerPoint installed in their systems. To make it more user-friendly, you can convert your slideshow into a PDF document format so that visitors can simply click on it and watch it for their own interest.

Publish an HTML Web Page

The PowerPoint may let you save your PPP in HTML format, but this will definitely not be a satisfactory solution. If you have your presentation in HTML format, then just upload the file as a new page in your website. You should know that each slide will be saved as a separate image, thus you will have an entire folder comprised with files to upload in your webpage.

Flash Your PowerPoint Presentation

Open office may offer you to export your PowerPoint as a Flash format. Several tools are available to convert the PPP into Flash format and you can try any of them, many of which will offer you a free use trial period.

You should know that the accuracy of the conversion of PPP to Flash will vary from program to program and will depend on the complexity of the presentation. In order to find the best tool for conversion, which also comes within your budget, you have to try many tools so that you can compare their price and work efficiency. Efficient software will record your PPP so that you can open it repeatedly on your computer screen.

Some editors may offer a toolbar button for uploading data, but offering a flash movie in your webpage may encourage visitors to stay on the page and go through with your PPP.

Insert Your Presentation Directly to Your Webpage

Several websites are available online that convert files into shared media and you can easily upload your PPP, PPS or PDF files on such websites. You can link your presentation to such pages for hosting service and can choose the level of privacy for each file.

One of the notable advantages of the process is visitors will have option to view your presentation in full format. You can show every important feature or detailed of images or on-screen texts to the visitors. Moreover, you will have the option to sync the slideshow with an audio file, and that will create an easy screencast. Those websites will allow you to access comment and tag functions and this will definitely work as social networking aspect.

Therefore, integrating PowerPoint presentations in your website will bring good result.