4 Ways to Make Money Online Selling Existing Pet Products

Making money online has always been a popular source of income for entrepreneurs, but creating products that sell can be a chore – especially when you want to sell pet products. You must know exactly what your market wants, or your products will flop. On top of that, creating products requires time, money, and resources to prototype and test.

Thankfully, you don’t need to create your own pet products to make money online. If you’re interested in launching an online pet supply business, here are 4 ways to leverage existing products to create a profitable eCommerce business.

Make money online selling pet products
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Make Money Online Selling Pet Supplies

1. Launch an eCommerce pet store

The wonderful thing about the internet is that anyone can launch a retail store quickly, easily, and affordably. You don’t need to manufacture your own products to run a successful eCommerce store.

You can sell the same products found in brick-and-mortar retail stores with an eCommerce store. While some popular companies start as physical storefronts – like Homes Alive Pets – plenty of stores get their start online. You don’t need a physical presence to create a trusted brand.

To start an eCommerce store, you’ll negotiate contacts with brands just like you would if selling the products in a physical store. However, it’s easier to find products that can be shipped to the customer directly from the manufacturer.

2. Seek out affiliate marketing opportunities

Affiliate marking is one of the easiest ways to make money online without manufacturing, buying, or selling any products. As an affiliate, you market a company’s products for them and receive a percentage of the sale in return. Some affiliate agreements provide a huge percentage – up to 50% or more – depending on the brand. 

The most popular way to be an affiliate marketer is to find products to sell through sites like Commission Junction. However, some products disappear or aren’t sold by reliable companies. Anytime you use a third-party source like Commission Junction, you’re taking a risk. You can also find pet brands that offer affiliate opportunities independently. However, the payout will be the same no matter how many sales you generate for the company. You could sell more products than the brand and still earn a small percentage of those sales.

To make the most money, you need a slightly different approach. First, build a professional website where you plan to sell pet products and then approach specific manufacturers about a custom affiliate relationship. You’ll get more money per sale through a personal affiliate agreement if you have marketing skills. The company may start by giving you a 20% commission on each sale and then raise your commission once you generate a certain amount of sales.

3. Generate direct partnerships

Partnerships are different from affiliate agreements. While an affiliate agreement is purely transactional, a true partnership is a collaboration. By approaching pet supply brands for a partnership, you’re asking them to play an active role in marketing and selling their products. A partnership will involve more of a commitment and therefore commands a higher percentage of each sale.

4. Create a product review channel on YouTube

Everyone loves product reviews. People with review channels on YouTube generate millions of subscribers. The key to making a review channel work is selling the products you review. You don’t want to get people excited about a product and not make any money off the sale. You can create your YouTube channel without technical expertise.

There are two ways to make money reviewing pet products.

Brands love YouTube reviewers and prefer collaborating with reviewers instead of celebrities because reviewers are more influential. When you have a solid review channel, brands will send you products for free to review. 

As you gain momentum and build up your audience, advertisers will pay you to promote their products. Meanwhile, you’ll also make money from YouTube advertisers if your videos are monetized.

Get in on eCommerce pet supplies before it’s too late.

People have always loved shopping online, but it’s always been a convenience rather than a standard. However, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, online shopping has become the standard, and competition in every industry is about to increase.

Everyone seems to be moving to an online storefront these days, so start your online pet supply business as soon as possible. The sooner you ground yourself in the industry, the sooner you’ll build a reputable brand that pet owners love and trust.

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