Why to Choose Magento for Developing E-Commerce Website?

Getting a tough competition from Shopify, 3DCart, Big Commerce and other E-commerce development platforms, Magento proudly confers the top-most position for developing the online business stores. Magento strongly holds a market share of net 26% which clearly signifies its domination in the field of E-commerce development. Not only large enterprise owners but also the newbie entrepreneurs are heading towards this feature-rich platform to get the tailored online shopping stores.

Magento best for ecommerce website

You might be wondering why Magento is so popular amongst the web developers these days?

More than 2,00,000 e-commerce websites are powered on Magento and the features contributing to this success are mentioned below.

The Salient Features Of The Rising Popularity Of This Platform:

  1. Open source: Being an open-source platform, Magento is readily available and hence, it is widely used by the developers across the world to build the commercial websites with assorted functions. Almost 80% of all the online businesses have Magento based websites bestowing consistent growth visibility. There is no significant cost to use this CMS, which has led to a significant rise in the usage of this platform in the recent years.
  1. Flexible: Professional developers readily boast the flexible framework of Magento which allows them to inculcate new and advanced methodologies. This highly flexible framework integrates the hassle-free customization of shopping carts, products, catalog, etc.
  1. SEO optimized: Unlike other e-commerce solutions, Magento comprises inbuilt SEO features that optimize the ranking of the websites subsequently drawing more revenues for the business.
  1. Responsive: The Magento built websites are highly compatible with the multiple devices with varying screen sizes. These online shopping stores can be accessed on mobile devices, thus drawing more prospective customers to the e-portal.
  1. Multiple storefronts with single back-end: The multiple storefronts backed by single admin console allow the developers to add several shopping stores to the website, including thousands of products and catalog to provide a uniform shopping experience to all the customers; they can easily navigate to the desired category of products.
  1. Cross-browser compatibility: The websites enabled with cross-browser compatibility are highly accessible on different browsers, thus preventing any limitation on its usage. This also enhances the ranking of the websites on various search engines.
  1. Integrated Payment-options: Multiple payment methods to facilitate the ease of shopping experience of the customers across the globe. The involvement of functional third-party payment gateways such as PayPal, E-bay, Quickbooks, etc. allow the customers with different payment options to make the payment conveniently while shopping.
  1. Multilingual & Multi-currency: Magento based eCommerce websites support cross-border language and varied payment methods. Hence, it can be notably said that Magento powered eCommerce stores cater equally to all their customers, irrespective of their global presence.
  1. Secured authorization: The core components of Magento based websites are highly secured and safe. So there are tools & techniques which are included in the e-store to avoid any data infringement from external sources.
  1. Return Material Authorization Policy: The RMA policy is introduced to bring in more customers to the website by engaging them in the return material policy.
  1. Seamless Checkout Option: Allows the customers to avail a single checkout option for all the products instead of opting for checkout options for each specific one. This leads to a lesser number of vacant shopping carts during checkout.
  1. Review and Feedback: A complete system to hold back the visitors and prospective buyers onto the website by welcoming their reviews and feedbacks. This feedback service ensures seamless communication between buyers, merchandisers, and owners.
  1. Organized and spacious: It is estimated that a Magento based E-commerce website can place up to 500,000 products easily and can also work on 80,000 above orders in an hour. This clearly shows the gigantic structure of this platform which can easily place the tons of products on the single website without compromising the performance and speed.
  1. E-commerce specific: Last but not the least, there is no alternative to Magento for delivering the tailored shopping websites. Getting a customized shopping cart with augmented themes and background is made easier with Magento.

Since its introduction in the year 2008, Magento community has been growing rapidly. There are more than 800,000 estimated certified Magento developers across the world who have empowered nearly 240,000 businesses till now. It is of no doubt that Magento has successfully occupied more than a quarter space in the global E-commerce market. All which is due to its impeccable range of core functionalities and features packed all together. Swift processing, easy navigation, SEO optimized web pages, integrated payment gateways, seamless checkout tools- all of which combine to form a robust E-commerce system delivering the secure and scalable shopping experience to the online customers.

Additionally, the continuous customer support system, review, and feedback options organized, logistic details, simplified account management services and advanced search option features mark the Magento amongst the top-notch E-commerce web development platforms. Hence, considering the changing scenario of the digital market nowadays, it’s highly advised to get your online business backed by a comprehensive and powerful web development platform like Magento!


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