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Apple just released another line up of the iPhones: the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR. The new phones come with improved processors and storage, as well as the new iOS 12. The iOS 12 is also available for other iPhone devices, such as the iPhone 8 and below. Even the iPhone 5S is supported. So, if you are planning to fill the massive storage on your new iPhone with media files, or maybe take a backup of the photos on your old iPhone with insufficient storage, then you have to use iTunes. However, iTunes is slow and cumbersome to use. Not only that, but iTunes also requires iCloud connectivity and does not work well offline. However, Digiarty has a brand-new iTunes alternative. MacX MediaTrans comes with all the media transfer features of iTunes and even more. Moreover, it cuts down on the excess bloat that makes iTunes so slow. It is a small and fast program that and makes data transfer between your Mac and iOS device surprisingly easy.

MacX MediaTrans

With MacX MediaTrans, making backups, or synchronizing media is truly effortless. You can sync music and videos, compress images and 4K video files to save space, make ringtones and even use your iOS device as a flash drive. What’s more exciting is that Digiarty is offering a giveaway for a limited time, allowing you to get MacX MediaTrans license key for free. And MediaTrans giveaway is also available for Windows. You can download the giveaway copy and try it out yourself before purchasing the full version with a lifetime upgrade.

Transfer Photos at Blazing Fast Speeds

Where MacX MediaTrans truly outshines the competition is the transfer speeds. MacX MediaTrans does not require access to your iCloud account. It works completely offline and does not have the extra frills that iTunes come with. This makes MacX MediaTrans extremely fast and light. For instance, it can transfer a hundred 4K photos from your phone to your computer in about 8 seconds. You can take a backup of the entire camera roll in just a few minutes. Moreover, you can also view the photos on your iPhone grouped by different categories. You can delete photos without making any changes to your iCloud account. This is a great way to free up space on your device too.

MacX MediaTrans also supports the conversion of the HEIC image format. The new High-Efficiency Image Codec is not compatible with many legacy editors available on iOS and Mac. When you import photos from your iOS device to your computer, MacX MediaTrans can automatically convert it into the popular JPEG format that you can share and edit much more easily.

Two-Way Video Sync

MacX MediaTrans allows you to synchronize any video between your phone and your computer. MacX MediaTrans comes with a hardware-accelerated video converter built into the program that allows you to transfer videos of any formats from your Mac to your iPhone. Want to share that GoPro video you just shot on Instagram? You can do that instantly by plugging in the memory card in your Mac and then using MacX MediaTrans to transfer that video to your iPhone. MacX MediaTrans will sync 4K videos and even convert them for the best quality and the minimum file size. iOS has very limited file format support when it comes to videos. With MacX MediaTrans, you do not need an extra converter program or fiddling with the settings to get the perfect video. MacX MediaTrans can also reduce the size of those massive 4K videos without reducing the resolution or quality of the video files. 4K video files can be compressed to up to 50%. You can transfer AVI, MKV, FLV, WMV files and more from sources like your digital camera, drone footage, DVDs and so on. With MacX MediaTrans, you can also copy the video to your computer hard drive from your phone and selectively delete the videos on your phone. This does not affect any content that you have on iCloud.

Effortless Music Management

With iTunes, you could only sync files that you purchase from Apple’s online store. However, the MacX MediaTrans, you can even sync downloaded music to your iPhone. All common formats are supported by MacX MediaTrans. You can sync specific files or the entire folder. The program also allows you to create and modify playlists that are on the device. You can explore the music that you have on your phone, copy music to your computer and even play it on your PC or Mac. MacX MediaTrans even has an integrated tag editor that allows you to clean up the tags of the downloaded music files.

Built-In Ringtone Creator

MacX MediaTrans also comes with an intuitive ringtone creator. You can select the desired 40-second segment of an audio file from your computer and set that as the ringtone on your phone.

Secure Files with Military-Grade Encryption

Scared of your data being stolen when your phone is lost or left unaccompanied? MacX MediaTrans comes with a military-grade AES encryption system that can password protect your files and make it completely inaccessible to everyone else. With a password, you can decrypt and get back the file. MacX MediaTrans allows encrypting media files, documents and even other file types such as archives, executables, apps and so on. You can even store the encrypted file locally on your mac.

Use Your Phone as A Portable Storage

MacX MediaTrans allows you to convert any iOS device into a portable storage device. You can store and retrieve any files: photos, videos, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, eBooks,  archives, app installers, disc images and so on.

Wrap Up

MacX MediaTrans is truly the best iTunes alternative that is available right now. If you are looking for an effortless way to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac, transfer music from Mac to iPhone or just something to Backup iPhone X/8/7/6s or even to free up iPhone space, then you must try out MacX MediaTrans. The free trial allows you to use the full-featured program for 15 days after which you can get a license. For a free license, make sure to participate in the giveaway.


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