MacX DVD Ripper Pro: The Fastest DVD Ripper on Mac


Ripping DVDs can be a tedious job, especially, when you have a large collection that you are trying to back up, and if your ripping software is slow. Fortunately, the latter part can be addressed using the MacX DVD Ripper Pro, which offers the fastest DVD ripping speeds on a Mac.

Why Rip DVDs?

Ripping DVDs is not just a way to back up or share DVD videos, but also is a way of keeping those DVDs safe and secure. A bunch of movies has limited copies of “collector’s edition” discs. If you are an owner of such DVDs, then you would obviously want to expose those discs to dirt and scratches as less as possible. The best way to do that is by ripping the contents of that DVD so that you do not need to take out the disc every time you want to watch the movie.

Got a large collection of homemade videos and movies on DVDs? Ripping them makes those content instantly more organizable, shareable and easy to search.

MacX DVD Ripper Pro

Rip to any format

MacX DVD Ripper Pro has the widest support for DVD formats on a Mac. You can put in virtually any DVD and MacX DVD Ripper Pro will be able to recognize it and transcode it into any format you want. Want to share parts of those old camcorder videos to your Facebook page? No issues. Put in a DVD, select a profile and start ripping. In minutes you can get a video file that you can directly upload to Facebook.

Have a newly released movie on a DVD that you want to watch on your way to work? MacX DVD Ripper Pro can even convert high definition videos from DVDs to a format that will play directly on your smartphone and tablet without any hiccups.

MacX DVD Ripper Pro comes with the richest output formal support. The program comes with a large set of built-in profiles that can be used to select the correct output settings in a single click.

There is a profile for exact devices, such as the iPhone X, 8, Plus to iPhone 5, 5s and even older. There are different profiles for devices with Retina displays and without Retina displays. Even the new Apple TV or the old iPod Classic is supported. Android devices from Samsung or Sony, Microsoft devices, Nokia devices, and even more are supported.

However, if you want to rip using your own settings, then you can tweak the individual ripping parameters too.

If you want to make a 1:1 backup that will have zero loss of quality, then you can use the ISO image option too. This creates an image of your disc that you can later burn to any other disc, or even rip from it. Moreover, these 1:1 backups can be made using the MPEG2 or the MKV file format so that you can play the files in media players directly.

Widest DVD Format Support

Where MacX DVD Ripper Pro really shines is the number of DVD formats it supports. You can rip from virtually any type of DVD. You are only limited by the DVD type that is supported by the DVD drive on your Mac.

You can rip recently released movie DVDs that come in HD-DVDs, 99 title DVDs that come with over 60 GB of data, TV series or any workout DVDs. Even slightly damaged DVDs that may fail with other programs can be ripped using MacX DVD Ripper Pro.

MacX DVD Ripper Pro is constantly updated by the development team so that it can work with all the new DVD standards that are released in the market.

This large number of DVD formats are often not supported in other tools or freeware programs such as Handbrake.

Blazing fast DVD ripping speeds

MacX DVD Ripper Pro is an excellent tool when it comes to speed. It has a new Level-3 hardware acceleration technology that enables GPU powered decoding and encoding. This enables MacX DVD Ripper Pro to utilize the massively parallel GPU architectures as well as up to 8 CPU cores to perform the transcoding.

Most DVD ripping and transcoding software take advantage of the Hardware encoder that is present in the system. Some use the hardware decoder too. But, MacX DVD Ripper Pro takes advantage of the hardware encoder, hardware decoder as well as hardware processing to make the task much faster.

All major CPU and GPU manufacturers, such as Intel, Nvidia, and AMD are supported.

When you are comparing to popular open-source software such as handbrake, you get around 4 to 5 times better performance.

Feature comparison

Compared to Handbrake

Any new media transcoding software is often compared to Handbrake because of how feature-rich it is while being free and open-source software. MacX DVD Ripper Pro comes with all the features of Handbrake and even more while being much superior in terms of performance.

For example, with level-3 hardware acceleration, MacX DVD Ripper Pro can rip a DVD in 5.8 minutes. That same DVD takes 20 minutes to be ripped in Handbrake on the same Mac.

When it comes to features, here is a comparison of the two programs.

  1. DVD backup: the creation of ISO images or 1:1 MKV copies are not there in Handbrake.
  2. Wide DVD format support: MacX DVD Ripper Pro natively supports all formats of DVDs, Handbrake does not.
  3. DRM Bypass: MacX DVD Ripper Pro can also rip copy-protected DVDs, so now, you do not need to worry about damaging copy-protected
  4. Rich output format list: Handbrake supports only a couple of common output formats and comes with some generic profiles. MacX DVD Ripper Pro supports almost all industry-standard video and audio formats.
  5. Multi-core and hyperthreading support: MacX DVD Ripper Pro makes use of multiple CPU cores for faster processing. Handbrake relies on the operating system for this.
  6. Trim, crop, and subtitles: MacX DVD Ripper Pro provides complete editing tools with live preview. Handbrake provides similar editing tools, without the live preview.


MacX DVD Ripper Pro is undoubtedly a better option than Handbrake or any other dedicated DVD ripping software presently in the market. None of them has such wide support of disc types and output formats simultaneously. The 1:1 backup option is something that a lot of people will appreciate, especially if they have a large collection of movies on DVDs. Also, the ability to rip partly damaged DVDs is an added bonus.


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