Logmatic.io Review – Operations Data Platform for Log & Machine Events


In the era of cloud computing, most of the companies want to store and manage their data effectively. From the last few decades, technology is changing the world to keep constant development. Modern approaches have the ability to draw out patterns, errors, and extract the required information from collected data. An excellent tool like logmatic.io is the most promising business solution through which can store and analyze recorded log and other machine events. This log analyzer helps corporates to meliorate the software solutions, including their business operations.

Logmatic.io Introduction

One of the best log management tool which is integrated with cloud technology and connect various departments together. Companies are selecting this to make data collection simpler, finding errors, and extracting required information on time.

Logmatic.io log analyzer

Capabilities and Merits

1. Built for Corporations

All information collected from different departments is stored centralized. This renders insights and recorded logs from one place to inhabit tech software applications and automatic functions. The different departments can fetch and access the required information when needed.

It is independent of your services and can be used for client services, marketing services, or management services. A perfect tool to find where the chances of improvements are.

2. Development & Operations

Conveniently manages application efficiency and troubleshoot errors simultaneously. With this tool, users can evaluate and monitor every system environments include code monitoring, and save logs.

3. Business Intelligence Platforms

RESTful APIs make it possible to access collected Logmatic.io data using any business intelligence platform, including your business apps.

4. Restricted Access

Security filters provide a different level of user access within the same organization. Also, offer a bridge between admin and developers. Admin is eligible to share logs with developers. This way, the minimum requirement of rework, mend the code, and hasten the product releases.

5. Advanced Search

It makes it possible to extract what exactly is required through centralized records and logs. Different filter attributes get accurate log values at once. Almost real-time events can be monitored and solved.

It offers full text and faceted searches, log level granular search, real-time records and search, complex search queries or exclusions, and fuzzy searches.

6. Herculean Analytics

Within systems, all behaviors can be correlated to find underlying patterns and areas of improvement. A continuous loop of feedbacks records all usage data of customers.  Which reduces the guesswork for product development and business decision making.

7. Custom Parsing Rules

Through Grok, structured, meaningful data can be extracted from heterogeneous and raw data. Through custom parsing rules to recognize the pattern in the collected data. Logged data can be tagged and cut into numerous layers to trace all requests and transactions.

It works well with Apache, Ngnix, Firewalls, Syslogs, Key/value patterns, JSON events, etc. Developers can run tests and deploy directly from the user interface. It’s able to identify web browsers, OS, and different smart devices.

8. Dynamic Dashboards

Custom dashboards can be created promptly, which can be shared across the business department. It enables assigned users to access desired data and insights for different purposes.

The dashboard can populate pie charts, time series, sums, averages, percentages, geo maps, and flow charts.

9. Immediate Alerting

Immediate alerts are available on the dashboard when something wrong is happening. These alerts can set on different metrics, search queries, or user-defined thresholds. These alerts are possible with PagerDuty, Slackor, HipChat, Webhooks, or Emails.

10. Python Programming

Logmatic.io make your Python logging simpler through handlers. A correct JSON formatting and a socket handler will stream all logs directly to Logmatic.

Affordable Pricing

Logmatic.io trial period is available for two weeks. Before or after you can choose any of the following paid plans:

Starter plan billed €49/month, 0.5GB/day, and 7 days retention. Pro plan starts at €99/month, 0.5/day, up to 5GB/day for €349/month, and 15 days retention. And enterprise plan starts at €349/month, up to terabytes/day and customized retention.

Final Verdict

Logmatic.io is an ideal operations data platform for log and machine events. It is uniquely designed for perfect log management. Customers’ behavior recording and business decisions are simpers with this best log analyzer. Offering the best products and services is possible with this tool.


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