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Despite the mountain of statistics an online marketer can collect on keywords, website visits, social media mentions, inbound links and a million and one other data points, how many marketers still feel as though they are stumbling around in the dark, spending hours and hours of work on lead generation campaigns that may or may not be producing results?

Lead Generation Ecosystem

The fact is, piling numbers on top of numbers doesn’t necessarily clarify anything, and instead more often than not confuses issues. Here is what is really needed to bring clarity and cohesion to Internet marketing lead generation campaigns: being able to see the big picture and take action in a strategic context. This way, marketing goes from being an uncoordinated, haphazard engagement to a systematic, continuously improving, ROI-generating process.

Because the context of Internet marketing is complicated, we at Straight North created the “Internet Marketing Lead Generation Ecosystem” infographic to help marketers take in the whole picture. Marketers are not always aware of all of the potential sources of traffic, all of the potential campaign types, and all of the necessary lead-processing work that goes into a coordinated and fully leveraged campaign.

The elements at the top of the infographic — traffic sources and campaign types — are elements with which marketers have to be selective. Few companies have the budgets and human resources to undertake all of the Internet marketing campaigns that are possible. The key is to pick the right campaigns (email, social, etc.) and apply the right amount of emphasis and investment.

The elements below the “company website” hexagon are content possibilities that marketers must make sure are in place and properly connected. Often it is the lack of connections that cause the biggest campaign shortcomings. For example, if analytics data is reviewed by IT personnel but never reaches the campaign manager, or a consolidated high-level summary of the data never reaches company leadership, campaigns cannot be properly evaluated or improved.

Seeing the big picture of lead generation helps marketers see the light… and most likely sheds light on ways to achieve fast and dial-moving campaign improvements.

Internet marketing and lead generation ecosystem


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