LambdaTest – One-off solution for an enhanced performance of your applications

Are you a developer and developing a host of applications for your clients, you will understand one of the huge issues you may be facing. It is all about testing your apps and tools for browsers and system configurations. You will agree that it is one of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks and can take away most of your time. How about using outsourced options for enhanced performance of your apps? LambdaTest is one such option you can check out.

LambdaTest – An Overview

LambdaTest is a cloud-based scalable testing platform that will assist the developers and teams to get their apps and software tools tested for compatibility across multiple browsers and systems. The cross-platform browser compatibility test ensures that you will be able to release your products just in time and right away.

Lambdatest cross browser testing cloud

The tool lets you test your applications across over 2000 different browsers – and that includes both mobile browsers and desktops. It has the option for testing your applications across multiple operating systems and varying screen resolutions. As a developer, the LambdaTest is a tool that would help you ensure that your app works in any kind of environment. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that the tool automates the tasks thus letting the developers find the issues, rectify them and test the apps once again.

The features

Some of the features that LambdaTest offers you will include

Opt for Live Bugging functionality

The automated screenshots will help you find the issues right away. This can help you locate any of the incompatibility issues and resolve them straight away. The Live Bug logs will help the developers find the issues in a streamlined manner.

Scalable solution

No matter whether you are a lone developer, a team or a huge organization – LambdaTest should work with almost all situations. The high degree of scalability is one of the features we loved the most with the testing tool. The LambdaTest adjusts itself to the specific needs and thus scale easily with both freelancing developers and those who work as a team.

Best in class Support

The after-sales and service provided by LambdaTest should make it a formidable solution for most of your needs in terms of help and assistance.  The support team is available 24 x  7 at your service. You also have access to multiple support channels in the form of live chat, email, or phone calls. You can even log support tickets if needed.

A well laid out application testing

It has access to all the tools you would need for testing your apps and websites. There is a debug application called FireBug that helps you detect the bugs easily enough. The tool also packs in the other application options as well. The Chrome extension and the WordPress plugin from LambdaTest should be an added attraction. Excellent integration with the debugging and communication tools should make it a great option to check out the tool.

Where would it be useful?

LambdaTest offers you a host of application benefits in testing your apps and websites with ease. Here are a few areas in that it would help you.

Automatic Screenshot testing

Lambdatest automatic screenshot

Checking out your apps across thousands of browsers simultaneously will be a daunting task. LambdaTest solves the issues without you having to spend hours together for testing your apps on those browsers. The tool supports over 200 browsers and aids you in checking the compatibility of your apps across all of them.

Responsive Testing

Lambdatest generate

This is another area that creates huge issues for the web and app developers. LambdaTest solves the issues by testing your apps and websites on multiple screen resolutions. The compatibility will help your users get a streamlined performance on their devices. You can check how does the site or app appears on the user devices and rectify the issues if any.

Well, that was on how a tool like LambdaTest would be helpful in assuring you a great deal of performance. And yes, the tool is affordable enough with its services starting at just $ 15 per month. Of course, you also have access to the free plan with limited features and functionality.

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