How to Use Labeley the Free Label Maker Online?

What do we need unique labels for? Many people are not aware that product labels are all around us, on almost anything we use. They are on food and beverage packaging, software equipment and office cables, clothing items, sports gear, toys, and many more products. These small pieces of paper, vinyl or some other label material provide important bits of information about the item in the packaging. For example, they can tell us what the item is made of, how much it weighs, where it was produced, if it has a “best before” date, and similar.

These stickers are so useful that many people wish all items had them. For example, wouldn’t it be great to apply a label with your name on your mug at work, so your colleagues would stop drinking from it? Or to label your kids’ books and toys, so your children would stop mixing up their belongings with other children’s? Labeling household items, such as bins, boxes, and shelves also has tremendous organizational value. In the light of all these benefits of labeling, here’s a recently launched a free label maker that everyone can find a use for – It is a well-known label creator online.

How to Use Labeley the Free Label Maker Online
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Labeley is a free online label creator that lets users use a combination of design elements to create completely original stickers for different purposes. It comes with a large set of predesigned label shapes, backgrounds, main graphics, borders, ribbons, colors, and font options, and allows users to upload any photo from their computer so that the label can be fully personalized. The recently launched version of Labeley has a modern, user-friendly layout and using it is so easy that anyone can create stylish stickers, even people without any design experience.

Labeley – Free Label Maker Online

Here’s a brief tutorial that will bring new Labeley users up to speed in no time.

Steps to Labeley the Free Label Maker Online

1. Visit

Go to website and click on the Start Designing button – it’s so green, you can’t miss it.

2. Choose Label Category

A popup will appear that will allow you to choose a category of labels you wish to create. If you need unique labels other than beer, wine or kids stickers, choose “general”.

Labeley free label maker options

People who are not interested in free label creation, but rather want their already existing label designs to be professionally printed, can choose the “Print Your Design” option. They’ll be directed to a page where they can upload an already made label from their computer and request a quote.

3. Pick a Shape

Let’s say you chose the Beer option (all other options work the same, so pay attention to the beer label making procedure, and you’ll be able to do the same in all other categories). You’ll see a set of label templates on the left-hand side. Choose one that you like the most.

Labeley - Pick shapes for Your Unique Labels

Now that you chose a great shape for your label, you’ll be able to click on other options that can set your label apart from all other labels out there. These options are border, background, graphics, and text.

4. Select a Border

When you click on Border, you’ll get a range of different-colored borders to choose from:

Labeley - Borders for your unique Labels

5. Adjust Background Color

Similarly, the Background tab lets you choose an appropriate background. Some of them look like this:

Set background colors for unique labels

Note that you can also set a color for your background by clicking on the Background Color option.

6. Graphic Categories

The Graphic category includes many default illustrations that can add just the right touch to your beer label:

Labeley - Graphic category for your unique labels

When you pick an illustration, two small arrows will appear around it that will let you resize and reposition your image.

7. Choose the Fonts

When you get to the Fonts option, the first click on the green Create Text button, and a gallery of fonts and other font options will appear:

Labeley - Select favorite fonts for your unique labels

As you see in the image, when you click on a certain font, it will stand out and appear in its true form. You can change the font’s color, style, and weight. Once you’re set on the text you want to include on your label, click Done. You can include as many words, phrases or sentences as you want (and as many as can fit on the label).

8. Upload a Design Element

The last option is to “Upload”. Use it if you want to upload a photo or any other design element from your computer. For example, you can upload a photo of your favorite football player and make great, personalized beer labels for a sports-themed party.

And this is what we came up with during this tutorial:

Labeley - Example Unique labels

9. Save a Designed Label

Labeley respects user privacy and allows users to create unique labels for free without registering an account.

However, users who do register can save up to 10 labels in their account and modify them at any time, if they wish to do so, which is not an option that unregistered users have.

Also, people who want their unique labels professionally printed on durable, water-resistant materials can get in touch with Labeley’s printing experts and get excellent quality labels for a great fee.

If what you see here sounds promising, wait till you really start designing your own unique labels. Head over to and don’t forget to have fun!

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