Top 3 Types of Power Banks That You Need


The time of portability has been going on for quite a while now and that’s because we have lots of devices that we take with us on-the-go. That said, the main problem with having portable devices is that eventually, we have to charge them and most of the time we use stationary charging electronics such as USB wall chargers to charge our devices. That is something that most people do and at the same time, it’s something that most people don’t like doing as we’d rather be free to go where we’d like.

types of power banks

Which is why power banks have been growing so quickly over the years as they’re portable chargers that can basically be taken anywhere. What you need to know about the portable charging space of charging that there are lots of options to choose from as there are lots of companies that currently sell power banks. This has led there to be quite a lot of confusion over what portable chargers are the best to own. A great way to choose the best one is to read power bank reviews to know more about them.

That is why in this article I’ll be going over the main types of portable chargers that you should consider purchasing because they have proven to be among the most useful types of chargers on the market that you can take anywhere and everywhere.

Power Banks with Low Capacity

low capacity power banks

It probably doesn’t come as too much of a surprise but Mini portable chargers are the most useful types of these chargers on the market. Since they have very small sizes and a lightweight which is the result of having a power capacity. Having a low capacity means that these power banks use a low amount of batteries and most of them just use a single battery most of the time.

There are two main types of Mini power banks though as they use two main types of batteries. There are ones that use Ion and the ones that use Polymer batteries. Power banks that use Ion batteries have cylinder shapes and are quite short. Polymer power banks are ones that have Slim form factors and are nearly the same size/weight as a smartphone. Ultimately, you’re going to be able to take these Mini power banks everywhere that you go.

However, just because I don’t want you to think that Mini chargers are perfect. There are two main things that they aren’t so good at and that would be that they don’t have a lot of power as a result, they’re really only meant for charging smartphones only once or twice. Most of them just have a single USB port so you won’t be able to charge multiple devices at once.

Power Banks with High Capacity

high capacity power banks

Then there are power banks that are going to prove to be a lot more useful when their power is involved and that would be ones that have high power capacities. Power banks that have lots of power are ones that have 20,000mAh or higher and as a result of that much power, they can charge many types of devices to their max power lots of times over. What comes with a high power capacity is the usage of many USB ports which gives you the ability to charge lots of devices at once.

It’s really awesome to charge lots of devices at once because you’ll be able to charge a smartphone, tablet and other USB chargeable devices at the same time. These types of chargers are also able to have better charging tech such as Quick Charge, Type-C and even DC Output ports for charging Laptops.

Even though these portable chargers are very useful, the flaw with them is that they’re quite large and weight heavier. Not really meant for holding for long periods of time.


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