IOTransfer 3 Review – Ultimate iPhone Manager for Your Windows

As a lover of iPhone/iPad, you must have experienced some headache problems such as data management and transfer, online video downloading, file conversion, etc. No worry. All these problems can be easily solved by IOTransfer. Let us have a look at the brief introduction of this tool.

Main Features of IOTransfer

Your Ultimate iPhone/iPad Manager

IOTransfer is a user-friendly iPhone/iPad manager, enabling users to manage and transfer photos, videos, music, contacts, etc. between an iOS device and a computer.

IOTransfer 3 Features

If you’re disgruntled at the point of admittance you have to your files on your iOS device, then join the club. Lots of Apple fans love the kit but loathe the ecosystem. One of the best ways out of the ecosystem is to prevent iTunes altogether and go for a moderator iPhone/iPad transfer software similar to IOTransfer. Here, the steps of the files’ management will be introduced in detail.

First, download and install the software on your computer. Make sure you have enough space for it to be installed. It will ask you to plug in your device.

iotransfer 3 connect iphone

Once you have connected your iPhone/iPad through a lightning cable, your iPhone/iPad or tablet will be skimmed and perused by the software to categorize and compile the contents which you need to transfer.

Understandably, if your iPhone/iPad is stuffed with folders and files, this may take some time, but don’t worry it will not take hours. Just be patient and wait for a while.

When you are done with this, the homepage of your iPhone/iPad is put on to view with four clasp buttons for Photos, Music, Videos, and Contacts. Your iPhone/iPad is being scanned. And after your iPhone/iPad is scanned, all of these four buttons will be the lighting.

iotransfer 3 welcome screen

You can do the meekest and most rapid transfer, which is a block backup/transfer of each and everything. You perform this by transferring and swapping the buttons for all of the sets and pressing the ‘Transfer to PC’ button.

This is how you can transfer your files easily. Quite simply, isn’t? Well, if you are looking for an easier and convenient way to transfer and manage your iPhone files, then have a try with IOTransfer. You’ll love it for sure.

Wirelessly Transfer Files

Besides, IOTransfer 3 does not need a USB cable to transfer any data to your PC. All can be done through a Wi-Fi network.

iotransfer 3 transfer files

Free Online YouTube Video Downloader

In addition to that, IOTransfer is also used as a YouTube video downloader.  If you are curious about downloading videos from a reliable site, you can simply navigate the feature on  IOTransfer. It will reinstate a download directly from YouTube. The steps are quite simple. You only need to simply paste the URL from YouTube into the box and start downloading videos.

iotransfer 3 youtube video downloader

Besides, it can allow you to convert YouTube videos to more compatible formats so that you can enjoy them on your iOS devices anywhere.

Convert Heic to Jpg

A number of iPhone users are apprehensive about the conversion of their images from Heic to JPG. However, IOTransfer allows users to convert HEIC to JPG format in a jiffy. The steps are also quite simple. You just need to choose or drag “.Heic” files and then start the conversion.

iotransfer 3 heic to jpg

Apart from these features, IOTansfer also allows users to convert videos to any format and clean up the iPhone for more space. If you want to know more about it, you can have a try right now and find more useful features you like.

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