IoTex xWatch Kids – Ensure Safety and Security of Your Children


No parent can stay always with their children or want to give custody to a third person. Safety of children is always a primary concern of all parents. So what a parent can do to protect children from suspects and criminal minds. There is a number of solutions available but including a tech, the gadget can help in a better way. xWatch Kids from IoTex System Pvt Ltd is one of the best tracking devices for kids available in the market. Have you heard about this gadget before? If yes then ok, if not, no worries we are here to explain each and everything about this.

xwatch kids ensures safety

In present time most of the metropolitan parents are working and leave their apple of eyes in custody of a maid or a nanny. But the question – can you read a criminal mind? The answer is obviously no. In this situation, most of the parents take a risk and leave their kids in hands of the third person because upbringing of kids requires money thus no one can ignore job. Safety of family especially of kids is primary worry that chafes parents every day.

Working parents always find it difficult to concentrate on their work especially when kids are away from their sight. As I’ve already given a brief about xWatch for Kids. This article is for those parents who are aware of safety and security of their lovable kids. IoTex has offering xWatch Kids range of smartwatches to ensure parents’ complete peace of mind. The gadget is able to delight young kids and able to give parents a great relief. The amazingly designed gadget look is excellent and stylish; which definitely be a true spy mate when parents are not at home or children are playing in a playground away home premises.

Cartoon printed xWatch kids is available in two adorable colors – turquoise and pink. So it’s available for baby and baba both. xWatch appearance is like a regular watch that matches the style quotient of every kid. In most cases, nobody can’t guess it as a spying watch capable to be the best safety companion.

xWatch Kids has most intriguing features –

  1. See time, data, battery power and GSM signal strength on the Display screen.
  2. Track and call with 2G GPRS VTS Data Plan & Calling.
  3. Pre-set phone numbers for enable two-way calling.
  4. Assign landmarks to ensure better security.
  5. Receive alerts and notifications.
  6. Set virtual boundaries and restricted zones; the function known as Geofencing.
  7. Comes with SoS / Panic alarm button that can send a high alert to pre-set phone numbers; It’s a one-click operation.
  8. SoS alarm helps you receive automatic calls
  9. Multiple xWatch devices can be monitored through a single authorized smartphone.
  10. Real-time tracking mode assures constant vigilance.
  11. Able to save tracking logs for last 30 day.

Why Should One Buy It?

  1. Small in size so the kid can wear it comfortably.
  2. Power efficient and work in low power mode.
  3. No harmful rays or vibrations, thus safe for kids.
  4. Made of materials that are safe for kids’ skin.
  5. Supports GPS and LBS technologies.
  6. The user-friendly xWatch app is available on Google play store and Apple store. Users can download it from the official website.
  7. Affordable price just INR 3599.

xWatch Kids Video Introduction –

I believe this smart-watch will bring a smile on your kid’s face, peace in your mind and happiness in your family. It won’t be a metaphor if I say – it’s the third eye of a parent who really cares for their young kids and wants to ensure protection at the best.


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