Internet Power – The Web of Opportunities


The internet is a wide space capable of further expansion based on human intelligence. The internet power is unfathomable its deep and vast providing answers to any question you ever have to ask and assisting you in any creative task you have confidence in executing. The Internet has become an integral part of our day to day lives. With the advancement in gadget technology such as smartphones, the internet has penetrated to all known settlements of mankind. It could be the next major factor that can help human beings evolve into a brighter breed of species.

Internet power
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What the internet power has done in simple terms is that it has made every piece of information anywhere in the world accessible to anybody who is trying to seek it. It has also connected the people across the globe from different time zones and different cultures under a single digital platform.

Social Networking

Social networking is a tool that helped the internet reach the pinnacle of connecting people around the world. This has led to a continuous flow of information and emotion and also has made a major impact on the global economy. Today internet power has gone beyond any definition used to describe it, it has surpassed any expectation the creators of APARNET had. A simple idea grew out to be the largest influential force that controls global interests. A single failure in the delivery of internet can concur huge losses to multibillion-dollar organizations.

Realize Internet Power

The internet has created an opportunity for anybody to be proficient in anything to a certain extent. But also along with a long list of advantages and opportunities created by the internet, there is also a list of disadvantages. The major disadvantage quoted by psychologists is that the internet has made humans less capable of observing things around him. It is said to be devoid of the inspiration that is derived by only spending time with nature. And also another major development in a negative way that has been triggered by the internet is cybercrime. It’s a real threat that took a long time to get acknowledged, it is a direct threat to the security and privacy users experience on the internet. Hacking, phishing, cyber terrorism, intellectual theft all are real dangers of the cyberspace.

Internet – Merits & Demerits

Internet power if used for ideal purposes is one of the best tools ever conceived by mankind but it also has its own disadvantages. Today internet is being widely experimented in the fields of finance, business, education and even sports. Internet education is one of the most controversial factors that challenge everything wrong with the ideal school’s systems. Providing students with the freedom to understand and cross-check anything they have been taught in class has become a huge headache to the teachers pushing them to increase theirs on information bank. Several schools have officially adopted an internet policy that allows children to do so along with the teachers. This provides a comprehensive way of learning that offers the students freedom to pursue his / her interests.

Internet power has also given people a new medium to open up and voice their concerns, citizen-based journalism is another innovation that has made a huge impact on the political demography of several nations. So in conclusion internet is something that has a huge potential in both assisting and destructing mankind. Use it for betterment and sow the rewards. Good Luck!


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