Five White-Hat Techniques to Increase Your Travel Business’s Search Ranking

The travel industry is huge. It brings in trillions of dollars globally a year, and it’s only getting bigger. Travel is a luxury, yes, but it is a luxury that is becoming more accessible to people all around the world. Between discount airlines and companies that allow locals to cash in on the travel industry, there are options abound. Starting your own travel company when you have local knowledge, or perhaps even a hot commodity like a personal plane is smart. Knowing how to market it properly, however, is smarter.

Tips to Improve Travel Business Search Ranking

Tips to Increase Travel Business’s Search Ranking

The best way to market is not by paying per click, but by increasing your ranking in relevant search results. People google to find something they are looking for. A third will choose the first result on Google, 17% will choose the second, and so on. If you aren’t on the first page, you don’t exist. To help you get on top of the SERPs, use these techniques:

1. Research Your Keywords

If you are a travel company, and your main selling point is that you have airplane mechanic training and can operate your own private plane, then you need to advertise effectively. It means tailoring your website so that it reflects what you offer. If you’re biggest selling point is the plane tours, make that your tagline! Improve your on-site SEO, and raise in Google’s search results.

2. Local Listings

Once you have everything up, it’s time to find all the local listings you can. Websites like TripAdvisor and other travel websites like Google allow you to place your business’s listing up for free. The more sites like these that list and link back to your website, the better. On top of improving your SEO, you’ll also advertise to TripAdvisor’s users. Once you have customers, get them to review on these sites so that more people can find you and hire you.

3. Local News Agencies

On top of putting your listing up on websites, you should also get your local news agencies in on it. Your local business can bring in a lot of tourism if done right, meaning that not only can you be a success, you can also help improve your neighborhood. As such, get your local news agencies to write about you. It is a great way to get natural backlinks to your site. On top of that, travelers will be inclined to trust you more when you have reputable agencies vouching for you.

4. Encourage Travel Bloggers

The best part about travel bloggers is that they are more than happy to write about you. You can even offer a discount to entice these bloggers to use your tour when you first start out. That way, you can get real people reviewing and writing about you. You’ll be advertised to their readers, and have more natural back-links to your site.

5. Link Building

Yes, of course, you can not deny.

Getting interested travelers is only half the battle; the other half is getting them to trust your services. Using these white-hat SEO techniques will increase your search ranking, and also make you more reputable and trustworthy, especially when you are first starting.

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