How to Increase Your SEO Visibility in Google Plus?

A lot of people still do not see Google+ as being useful in the same way as Facebook or Twitter. And while it is true that you are not going to get as big a social media impact if you have a Google+ page, it does not mean this service is useless for businesses. In fact, it is possible to increase SEO visibility if you are using Google+. Here are how it works and some other techniques for boosting SEO visibility.

Boost SEO Visibility in Google Plus

Boost SEO Visibility in Google Plus

1. Create a New Account

The first step involves creating a new Google+ account for your business. Ensure you are adding all the relevant information about your company, putting plenty of pictures on the page, and posting regularly. The more professional your page looks, the more impressed people will be.

2. Getting into Circles

Google+ is all about circles. These are the categories on the platform where people can move other people and companies, depending on their interests and how they want to use Google+. For a business, it is all about getting into as many peoples’ circles as possible. So long as you are properly engaged in the platform, these additions should come naturally. But using an SEO expert such as Brad Smeltz can also help, as he is an expert at boosting a company’s visibility on Google+.

3. Organic Keyword Stuffing

It may sound contradictory, but you have to stuff your page with keywords in an organic way. While you do not want things to sound inorganic and as though they were written by a machine, you also want all the relevant keywords present. The more keywords you have on your Google+ page and posts, the more engagement you are going to get.

4. Using Google’s +1 Feature

We do not hear that much about the Google +1 button since it was launched, especially compared to the like button on Facebook or retweets on Twitter. But the +1 button has great relevance for SEO. Statistics show us that when you get around 70 people to +1 a page, it meant that click-through rates were boosted by around 20 percent. That is a huge boost, and while the returns may diminish with the more +1s you are getting, it can still be a huge help.

It is time for businesses to stop thinking as though social media sites are just for having fun and following friends. There are real gains that you can make on social media, not just with SEO but for your business as a whole. While Google+ is not use the same frequency as Facebook, Twitter, and some other similar sites, it is still very relevant to the Google platform.

By gaining a foothold in Google+, getting plenty of +1s, and regularly posting on the page, your company can ensure that your SEO visibility is increasing. And this will have a huge impact on lead generation, site visitor numbers, and, eventually, sales. And that is the ultimate goal for any business.

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