5 Important Developer Trends to Count On


With the Information technology industry rapidly changing there is more you should always expect each and every year and this is no different. With reference to data, the following are top five developer trends prepared by Java development company from containers to Spark to NoSQL you should be on the lookout for.

Top Five Developer Trends

Five developer trends
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1. Containers Still Will Rule the World

The container is the future of programming. This year will see tools such as Docker develop, gain a lot of security features and add some governance that will make it difficult for anybody to pull down any container depending on pnwd.com. Solaris zones for Linux with a packaging format will be one brilliant idea too, just add dependencies, and you are good to go.

2. Java Dominance as a Language will Decline Gradually

Take it or leave it, java dominance as a language is in a gradual decline this year for quite a number of reasons. For instance, take a look at the job postings on Sparks or Node.js or MongoDB. Compare these jobs to those of Java, which ones are better paying? Which jobs are about new developments and won’t put you in a low-cost labor? Java language does not answer to any of these questions this year, at least this you should know.

Another reason that also explains this trend is the fact that there is no new stuff being written in Java anymore. This fact has seen Oracle disassociating its self with java. Therefore with this trend, it is only prudent that you learn some new language this year.

3. The Dell/EMC Merger Will not Work out

The big merger by Dell and it’s transition from a hardware company to a cloud company is one of the developer trends that are heading to the dark. As much as this is a big merger and one that should shape the future of the IT industry the strategy was one that clearly wasn’t well thought out by Dell. As opposed to investing grossly in a storage company like EMC and server business, it should have invested short-term in itself and used this relationship to push their cloud.

4. NoSQL Databases will Take Hold

NoSQL is a brand you should definitely look out for this year. With its ability to cope and perform well under increased pressure and workload, this is one database you need to focus on if you want to perform critical operations this year. One of the NoSQL to count on is the Spark. With Cloudera fully supporting it, be sure to watch on the space with regards to the cutting edge features it promises.

5. Real-Time Everything

Forget about real-time analytics, real-time everything is the real thing. This trend will start earnest in 2016 and shape up in the years to come. It will not only focus around your business but also on every single aspect of your business, that is, the relationship with your customers and suppliers and cut across all sectors of the economy from retail to finance to manufacturing. Such trend will not only affect technology but also cause a shift in how we fundamentally do business.


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