A Musical Story With Imperial Blue Super Hit Nights


Imperial Blue Super Hit Nights at Lucknow: Like every music enthusiast, music has been the soul of my life. Some live for music, some live with music, some live in music, in my opinion, music is like a magic and a magical way to live one’s life. I find peace in music, meaning in its words and purpose in its chords. And I am proud to belong to the City of Nawabs – Lucknow.

Super Hit Nights at Lucknow; 19th November

I had to attend my friend’s wedding in the City Of Nawabs, Lucknow on 19th November. The Nawabi wedding ended pretty much as expected and in style. We had a spare day with us to chill and ‘superchill’ (that’s what was the actual plan, you know what I mean) and then this resourceful friend came running with a bunch of tickets waving in his hand. These were the tickets to live concert of Salim and Sulaiman organized by #ImperialBlueSuperHitNights. It was the third season of Imperial Blue SuperHitNights. Indeed a dream come true moment.

Imperial blue super hit nights at Lucknow

What more could one ask for on a Saturday night! Being a music lover, there is no better thing than to be among the raving, waving and blazing peers grooving together on a live performance.

Imperial blue super hit nights at Lucknow

Imperial Blue Super Hit Nights at Lucknow

Gladly, we didn’t wait much as we saw the duo Salim-Sulaiman walking down the ramp in melody towards us. They started with that melodious ‘Aye Khuda’, leaving us in awe of soothing chords and tunes. This was followed by their other super hits like ‘Shukran Allah’, ‘Bachna Ae Haseeno’, ‘Ainvayi Ainvayi’, and a lot more.

Imperial blue super hit nights at Lucknow

Imperial blue super hit nights at Lucknow

Then the performances soared-in electrifying the ambiance, roaring crowd, those claps & taps in tandem, those rhythmic cheers and what not. With each of those passing tracks, there were those musical waves chilling our spines and elevating our minds into an unknown realm of happiness. It was one of those moments where one feels high without actually getting high.

Imperial blue super hit nights at Lucknow

That’s the best part I personally like about attending a live concert, one may not always take away something, somewhere and nowhere but memories like such remains forever. It was within those epic times that music had played its magic and gifted smiles on our faces until we meet again.


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