IMO Beta Free Calls and Text App Review – Pros and Cons

IMO Beta app is the best for making free video calls around the globe. My sister is going to London in a few weeks. Recharging my phone for continuous international calls is impossible. I still want to talk to my sister every day, because I know I will miss her. Skype consumes way more data then I could assume. It is why I needed a video calling app that would give me good video clarity and, along with it, less data consumption. My friend suggested to me that I should switch to IMO. Now I told him that IMO isn’t that famous, but after receiving scornful looks from everyone, I gathered that indeed it is famous, I had just turned the blind eye towards it.

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What Users Say about IMO Beta App

My personal experience says that IMO is way easier to operate than the other video calling apps both in web and app mode. During IMO web page video calling, the picture quality is awesome. What I loved the most is the notification system, the pop-up notification. Now, I know that pop-ups are very common nowadays, but still, IMO pop-ups are awesome. It’s not just IMO, and the company has released a similar but more potential app called IMO BETA.

IMO Beta Free Calls and Text

You may access the IMO company website here. IMO Beta app comes with experimental IM features. How about a conference video call? IMO Beta app gives you that opportunity! Group video calling with your friends and family, roommates, and others are really fun. Moreover, you can chat with anyone you want. You don’t exactly need their id’s to make them a friend. Just like other chatting apps, IMO provides you with various chat stickers, which may help in describing your mood.

Even if you cannot video call for whatsoever reason, you can still share photos and videos. In web mode, IMO also offers desktop chat notifications. iOS fans will love this new app.

Sign in IMO Video Call

You also have the standard tabbed interface across the top, which helps you easily switch between the sign-in screen, your buddy list, and open chats. Moreover, it still has all the great features that we can expect from it, like voice IM’s, a great notification system, and best of all, you don’t need to create an account. How many times have you made an account, and the while typing the new username, it showed something like “this username already exists”. Nowadays, finding well you wouldn’t have that problem here. The best part that I have experienced while using IMO BETA was that it is free, which is more than a lot of the other contenders can say. IMO BETA has way more features then I can even imagine.

You can have multiple chats at once. There is an option to save, browse, and search chat history. You can record a short message on your microphone and send it instead of having to type it out. IMO uses android smileys in its conversations, and well, everyone loves smileys.

What More You Can Do with IMO Beta

But every app has its pros and cons, so I am not going to fool you with the good aspects of the app because it might hinder the judgment. So you can choose what’s best for you. IMO BETA uses a fair amount of battery, but it is something that can be improved upon using better technology. If you access your account from different places or maybe if your account is opened from different devices, then IMO won’t be able to handle it very well, and it might crash.

An account is not exactly needed operating on IMO, but if you want to save your backup messages, then you can create your account on IMO BETA. Sometimes, due to poor internet signal, some messages might be sent twice. IMO has this feature where when someone replies to you, you can see what he/she is writing, but when there are connection problems, then you won’t be able to see the messages. The best way to overcome this difficulty is to exit the chat tab and go back into it again.

IMO Video Call Download and Install

I won’t give you a biased judgment here but, I would surely prefer IMO BETA over any other video calling app. Given the problems faced by this app, it still provides the comfort which other apps don’t. I would surely recommend it.

IMO BETA app is for the people who have to use multiple chat lists. Why use different apps for different chat lists when you can have IMO BETA for all of them. If you haven’t installed any instant messaging app on your tablet or phone, then I would surely recommend IMO BETA. Whoosh! I can finally talk to my sister for a longer duration now! Happy IM’ing!

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