How to Type on a PDF? — 5 Ways You Should Know

This article shows you how to add text to a PDF document manually. In truth, there are many ways to add text, such as directly editing a PDF, adding a text comment, putting a physical, or digital signature, filling a form, adding a text watermark, and so on. Some of the most frequently used PDF tasks have been shown below using a versatile and comprehensive PDF editor called PDFelement. The steps for each process have been described on how to type on a PDF for the Windows version, but you can execute the same tasks on the macOS and mobile versions as well.

Ways to Type on a PDF

How to type on a PDF

Editing a PDF Document

The simplest way to type in a PDF with PDFelement is to open the document and enter text-editing mode. You can either add text to the PDF, remove it, or alter it in that mode. The font-recognition feature will ensure that your edits match the text surrounding them. The process is described below:

1. Launch PDFelement and use the Open File option to import your PDF file. You can also drag it from Explorer or your desktop and drop it into the program.

2. Next, click the Edit button in the top menu to go to the Edit tab. Here, click on the Text Edit icon to enter text edit mode.

Editing a pdf document

3. Click on any existing text in the document to change, remove, or add text; choose Line Mode to edit the document line by line.

4. Once you finish typing into your PDF, save the file, and you’re good to go.

If you try to type on an image, you can find the solution via this method to extract text from the image.

Adding a Text Comment on PDF

You can also type on a PDF by adding annotations like text comments. You can also add a text box or typewriter text to your PDF. Likewise, you can find these tools in the Comment tab at the top. Here’s the process to add a text comment, so you can type it directly into your document.

1. Open the PDF and go to the Comment tab.

2. There are three options to add text in different ways: note, typewriter, and text box. Click one of the icons to choose which type of comment you’d like to add.

3. Click the area where you want the comment to appear and start typing on the PDF.

4. You can do this for the note type of comment; for the typewriter and text box comment, click to place the box on the document, then double-click the box and enter the text.

5. Click outside it when you’re done, and save the file to preserve the changes.

Creating and Adding a Digital Signature on PDF

PDFs are so ubiquitous today that it logically follows that it is also the legal document format of choice for the bulk of the world’s businesses that rely on electronic communication. A digital signature authenticates not only the signatory but also the document itself, making it legally valid. Adding an eSignature is as easy as adding any text to your document. The method is as follows:

1. Open the document in PDFelement and click the Protect tab.

2. Click the Sign Document button and select an area on your file to place the digital signature.

3. When you see the pop-up window, select the option to create a Digital ID.

4. Type in all the relevant information and save your ID with a password. You will be able to reuse it later.

Adding a digital signature on pdf

5. Once you go through the pop-up window steps, the typed signature will appear on the document within the selected area from the second step of this process.

There are also ways to add an electronic signature. For example, you can type your name to create a stamp and then place it on the document; alternatively, you can click the Place Signature button in the Protect tab and do it that way. PDFelement makes it easy to use multiple methods to type on a PDF and put your signature on the document.

Filling a Form

Another way to type on a PDF is when you have a fillable PDF form. This means there are interactive form fields that you can click on to type in your text. PDFelement can do Form Field Recognition if the form is not interactive to convert a non-editable form into a fillable PDF form. The process below shows you how to fill out a form that’s already interactive.

1. Open the PDF form in PDFelement and go to the Form tab by clicking it at the top of your screen.

2. If the file contains fillable fields, you will see a blue bar at the top of the document that says “This document contains interactive form fields” on the left and a button on the right that says “Highlight fields.” Click that to show you which fields are interactive.

Filling a form on pdf

3. Now, click the Hand icon and click on the first fillable field. The cursor will change to the one you usually see when entering text into any document. Type in the PDF form field and continue to repeat this step for all other fields you need to fill on the form.

Adding a Text Watermark

Another way to type on a PDF is to add a text watermark, which is essentially a background or foreground layer across the document’s main content. You can change this watermark’s transparency and other attributes per your requirement. Here’s how to add it:

1. Open the PDF document and go to the Edit tab at the top.

2. Click the Watermark icon and choose to Add Watermark.

3. In the window that opens, choose Text as your source and enter the text you want to use as the watermark.

Adding a text watermark

4. Change any settings you want to tweak. Click OK, and it will apply the watermark to the document.

These are just some of how you can add text to a PDF by typing it in. The same applies to other text elements like footers, headers, and so on. As you can see, PDFelement makes it easy to type on a PDF in various ways, giving you the freedom to manipulate the text on your document or add new text whenever you need to. There you can get a discount on PDFelement.

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