5 Tips on Making Your Mobile Phone Battery Last Longer

Nothing is more annoying than a beeping notification indicating low-battery just when you need to make an important call. Or the blinking battery icon just when you have to send an important email. However, these annoyances are very much a part of our phone experience. Do you wanna know how to save battery to last longer? We are going to tell you phone battery saver tips.

As we have come to rely more on our phones, so many of us have realized that our phone batteries are not always able to keep up. With increased usage, our batteries run out faster than we can charge them. This is especially a problem when you have to be out and don’t have access to a charger.

Before you know how to save phone battery life? Did you know that, among other factors, network availability is a major determinant of your battery life? This holds true, even when you are not on a call or using mobile data.

If you take a look at power consumption patterns on your phone, you’ll find that standby with mobile data often takes up a lot of battery power. Generally speaking, mobile data will use more battery power than using Wi-Fi. Changing from one tower to another also uses up more power. Let’s see how to save the battery life of your phone.

How to Save Phone Battery?

How to save phone battery

Here are some tips on how to save phone battery life to last longer:

1. Review your usage

Android makes it pretty easy to track how apps and settings are using up your battery charge since the large charge. The first step to optimizing battery usage is to take a look at which components are taking up maximum power. You’ll find that apps as a whole more or less equal the power consumption of your phone hardware. Take a look at apps that suck the most power and uninstall inactive apps to preserve battery life.

2. All about the network

The network you use not only affects your calling and data experience, but also how long your battery holds up power. The better the signal strength you enjoy, the longer your battery can last. Without adequate signal strength, your phone has to use up more charge to communicate with the nearest cell tower. Thus, your battery does not last as long in this case and you think about how to save your battery.

So it makes sense to have a network that has good coverage and strength. Airtel has wide network coverage across the country and gives a steady network experience to its users. As per an Ookla report, Airtel network was available in more than 99 percent locations in India!

So when it comes to making the most of your phone experience, connecting with a strong and widely available network can go a long way.

3. Optimize screen brightness

When it comes to hardware power consumption, screen brightness is often the biggest culprit. An extra bright screen can take up more power than needed. It’s best to turn on an automatic screen brightness optimizer or keep your screen brightness to a minimum.

4. Minimize the use of GPS

GPS makes using a variety of apps easy but also takes quite a toll on your battery health. For maps and other apps that use location, you can define settings to turn off GPS at most times. This, in turn, will allow you to save on a lot of battery power.

5. Take stock of night-time use

When you go to bed, you don’t need a dozen apps running in the background. You can help your battery last longer by turning off data or even turning on flight mode on your phone at night.

It is all about how you can make mobile phone battery last longer. I hope you make the most of these tips!

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