How to Recruit on LinkedIn? Top 10 Strategies for You

During the hiring process, LinkedIn is often taken into account. Employers and recruiters need to learn how to use LinkedIn for recruitment. LinkedIn is a place to connect with other professionals; click here for more info. Here are the pros and cons of LinkedIn as a recruiting tool.

Pros and Cons of LinkedIn Recruiting

Before figuring out how to recruit on LinkedIn, you must know why it’s useful. Many recruiters make it a priority and for a good reason.

Pros of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is popular with people looking for jobs, but it has other benefits. Here are a few reasons why you should start studying LinkedIn recruiting right away:

  • Business Network: The platform brings together business people. Your search will not be slowed down by social networking.
  • Mobile-friendly: Your job ads will be sent to the mobile phones of people interested in the job.
  • Talent pool: That can’t be beat.

Cons of LinkedIn

  • Everyone, including your competitors, will go there first.
  • It works, and it’s free.

How to recruit on LinkedIn

How to Recruit on LinkedIn

Even though you don’t have to use LinkedIn Recruiter to hire people on the platform, most people do. Start with the free or cheap ways to recruit on LinkedIn. You can tell if it is your way to find good employees. Even though most recruiters use LinkedIn, that doesn’t mean it’s your best choice. Always keep an eye on HR data when making decisions about the budget and who to hire. Here are a few ways to hire people on LinkedIn that don’t cost much or are free:

Join groups on LinkedIn

Find groups that have to do with recruitment. If the group rules allow it, you can post job openings here.

Find people who aren’t interested

Think about applicants who have a similar experience. They might show subtly that they are interested in different roles. Helpful!

Competitive intelligence

The best companies put up ads for jobs. You could look up popular terms on LinkedIn and try to use them.

Create a LinkedIn page for your company

Think about your company’s LinkedIn page to build your brand. Tell possible employers about yourself on LinkedIn. Include:

  • Inbound recruitment content
  • Graphics
  • Header image
  • Recruitment films
  • Press releases

Use networking among employees

Both search results and profile pages on LinkedIn show connections. Advantage! In “What Not to do,” we’ll talk about InMail. Networking makes it easier and more effective to talk to potential job candidates.

People who know your company and its employees are more likely to fit in with your culture.

Check LinkedIn for references and work experience

If they want a job, their LinkedIn page should be updated.

Use LinkedIn messaging intelligently

Leave a voicemail instead of doing a phone screening interview. It’s not as complicated or stressful.

Let people use LinkedIn applications

Applicants will be interested in anything that makes the application process more manageable. Please don’t ask them to re-enter the information from their LinkedIn profile.

Use talent acquisition software

Use an ATS to gather information from LinkedIn applications and leads.

This is very important for faster and better recruitment on LinkedIn. Keep an eye on your messages, profiles, and applications. With an applicant tracking system (ATS), you can post to LinkedIn for free and keep track of candidates from there and other places.

Create job posts

This is not free, but the price is fair. LinkedIn is a pay-per-click site. You only have to pay when potential applicants look at your ad. After the job is described, a budget can be made. You can stop when your budget is met or keep going until you close the account yourself.

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