How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages on Samsung Phones?

So, you’re casually using your phone, clearing up your WhatsApp message feed, and organizing your texts. Then, suddenly you realize you’ve just deleted an important message that you needed to keep, perhaps a message with a data, address, or vital message that you needed to remember.

However, this is when you realize that WhatsApp doesn’t have a ‘trash’ folder, and the message looks like it’s gone forever. Don’t worry. This isn’t the case. Today, we’re going to explore two essential ways- how to recover deleted WhatsApp messages on Samsung!

How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages on Samsung

Solution #1 Use the Built-In Backup Solution

Thankfully, WhatsApp has done their part when it comes to saving and looking for your important messages. The app contains a built-in backup solution that runs, by default, every single day. However, if you’ve entered this settings menu before or using an older version of WhatsApp, this can vary.

Step #1 Always Take Backup

By default, these messages are stored on your Samsung device, but there are customizable options to send these messages to cloud-based storage platforms, such as DropBox or Google Drive. If you’ve recently deleted or lost important messages, here’s how to get them back;

Restore chat history on WhatsApp

Step #2 Uninstall WhatsApp

Hold down the WhatsApp icon on your Samsung device and tap Uninstall, removing the app from your device. Don’t worry! Your backed-up messages are still in the storage folder of your device or on your cloud account.

Step #3 Reinstall WhatsApp

Now head back to the Play Store and reinstall the WhatsApp app. Once the app has been downloaded, open the app to start the setup process. Follow the onscreen instructions, and throughout the process, you’ll receive a message stating that a back-up has been detected.

Hit the ‘Restore’ button, and all your messages from the last seven days will be restored to your device!

Message backup found! Restore to it.

If you did not have back, then what would you do. Now, how to recover deleted WhatsApp messages on Samsung. We’ll use a third-party software dr.fone – Recover for Android. It will recover deleted Whatsapp messages from all supported devices.

Solution #2 Use the dr.fone – Recover for Android

Now, the built-in solution that WhatsApp provides is all well and good. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it restores your all-important messages. However, as mentioned above, it only restores your messages from the last seven days, so what happens if the messages you wanted to restore were older than that?

One simple method you can use is a piece of software known as dr.fone – Recover (Android). This is a powerful and comprehensive data recovery solution that can allow you to effortlessly recovery all kinds of data you may have lost on your Samsung device, including old missing WhatsApp messages.

For the sake of this tutorial, let’s assume that you’ve downloaded and installed the dr.fone – Recover (Android) software to your computer already.

Step #1 Setting Up dr.fone – Recover (Android)

Firstly, you’ll need to open the dr.fone – Recover (Android) app on your computer, and you’ll be presented with the main menu that you can see below;

drfone home

From here, click the ‘Recover’ option. Next, connect your Samsung device to your computer using a USB cable. For this, you’ll need to make sure that the USB Debugging option is enabled on your phone for the service to work. Once the device has been detected by dr.fone – Recover (Android), the program will show you a screen that looks like this;

Android recover device 02

Step #2 Preparing File Scan

Now that your Samsung device is securely connected to your computer, you can start to recover your WhatsApp messages. By default, dr.fone – Recover (Android) will have enabled all file types to be scanned on your device, but you can edit these settings how you please.

However, if your Samsung device is not rooted, you’ll only have two options to choose from; Scan for Deleted Files or Scan All File Types. For this tutorial, select ‘Scan All File Types.’

Android recover device 06

Once you’re happy with your selection, hit the ‘Next’ button to start the data recovery process.

Step #3 Selecting Lost Files

Once you’ve clicked the Next button, dr.fone – Recover (Android) will begin to scan and analyze the content on your phone to see what can be recovered. This should only take a few minutes max, and it’s best to leave your phone where it is so you don’t risk disconnecting it halfway through the scan.

Android recover device 03

When the scan is complete, you’ll be able to see all the available file types that are able to be recovered. Simply scroll down the list of available files, clicking the tick box of the items, in this case, WhatsApp messages, that you want to restore to your device.

To make this faster, simply select the ‘WhatsApp messages’ filter on the menu on the left-hand side. You also have the option to retrieve any WhatsApp attachments that you might have deleted.

Android recover device 04

Step #4 Recovering Your Messages

Now that you’ve selected all the files that you want to recover, simply click the ‘Recover’ button on the bottom right-hand side of the screen. The program will then start to download all the contents that you ticked, saving it to your computer into your designated folder, ready for you to access and view at any time.

Android recover device 05


As you can see, there are two very easy ways you can restore your missing WhatsApp messages if you happen to delete or misplace them accidentally.

It doesn’t matter if the message is two days or two weeks old; you can now feel safe in the knowledge that you’ll always have access to the messages you need when you need them most.

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