How to Make Money on Linkedin? 6 Linkedin Monetization Tips

LinkedIn is a powerful platform to monetize your experience. Monetizing on LinkedIn can be a smooth experience if you can follow some simple rules. Here are some tips that can help you to know various ways of earning a fortune on this reliable platform. Have a look at how to make money on Linkedin.

How to Make Money on Linkedin

How to Make Money on Linkedin?

1. Know Your Brand

Individuals will not buy your products or services if they cannot be identified as a brand. You should know well how you want yourself to be identified. If you are doing 10 activities, you cannot be best at all of them. You must let people know about the events in which you are perfect. If someone wants something beyond your abilities, you may refer them to some other well-known brands. It helps in making your brand more reliable. You can gain more and more leads to increasing profile views through LinkedIn.

2. Use Your Phone

You can make good use of your phone to connect people to your LinkedIn connections. If you are out of business, you need to shed off with people who are personally interested in you. You can avoid people who ask for a coffee with you or wants to know you personally. Sending messages back and forth will only waste your time without any business transaction. Your phone can only monetize your experience to earn millions if you know the right usage and appropriately apply them.

3. Create Your Story

When you have an excellent story, you can share it on your LinkedIn profile easily. The Social Media Marketing Company in Mumbai focuses on bullet points in a resume, like a format to make you introduced to a new brand. Your profile and your story must be attractive and captivating so that the viewers find interest while reading your story. A professional tagline or punch line of your business, if appropriately displayed in the profile, can create a lot of impact in the industry.

4. Create Quality Content

One of the best rules to monetize your experience on LinkedIn, you should write quality articles before posting the links. As views will increase, sales will increase too. For example, for every 100 views, you can obtain a single deal. If your articles are reaching to 1000 people, you are making 10 successful sales. Readers can reach out regularly so that you can maintain a meaningful conversation with them. If people like your articles, they will be happy enough to pay for your services also. If you cannot deliver quality content on your own, you can easily share others’ articles. You can also provide your valuable comments and likes in as many quality articles as possible. When you can observe that people have viewed your profile, just try to follow up with them. If you are not doing the follow up correctly, you are not conducting your business on a serious note.

5. Daily Contribution

Go ahead and contribute by sending out recommendations and endorsements. Try to become as much resourceful as possible and always add value to your potential customer’s knowledge. You may spend an hour every day on LinkedIn and stay updated. When you meet the individuals in person, ask them about their profile, and add them to your network. You can ask for help from various groups and can share the information throughout the web.

6. Email Marketing

You can import your contacts from LinkedIn and can apply for email marketing activities. Your reach will automatically get expanded when you are emailing thousands of people from LinkedIn contacts.

Through LinkedIn, you can meet new people throughout the world every day. You may be looking for the people who are also looking for you. For Linkedin monetization, you should provide valuable services to people in a reliable manner. Make sure that you highlight the specializations of your business in your profile so that they can easily be identified.

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