How to Hire A PHP Developer? A Guide for Non-techies

When you are the owner of a website it’s your responsibility to choose the right person who fits the job well. Needless to say that the PHP programmer is a vital part of the website development company, however, the selection of a PHP developer may turn out to be quite a tedious process. Here we speak of the few things – how to hire a PHP developer who fits the job. This article will prove as a guide for the website owners or webmasters who lack in-depth knowledge of PHP development.

Role of a PHP developer

Well, the aspect of programming is essential in website development. After all, it’s the programmer who transforms your thoughts and imaginations into a reality and he is the first person in the process who does that.

Many times in life you’d have come across numerous ideas to start a brand new website. However, the lack of right PHP web developer must have come across as a hindrance and you must not have been able to imply your idea in the right manner. Thus, it’s vital that you hire a PHP web developer who is efficient at converting your ideas into reality. You require an infrastructure to host the website but that’s only once the website is prepared fully.

Tips to hire a PHP developer

The idea turns to play the most significant role for the aspiring website owner and thus it’s the most important to make the major amount of investment in website development. This way it’s vital that you hire a PHP developer who handles the process of website development. Here we segregate the categories of PHP developers who need to choose from.

Types of the PHP Programmers

Here we categorize the PHP programmers into 3 major types –

1. Beginner

In an informal manner, these kinds of programmers are termed as the fresher and they are the ones who have just completed training in PHP programming. Here they belong to quite a nascent stage of their experience. Despite playing an active role in the process of development, guidance is required from the supervisors. They prove to play a major role in the development of elements that are trivial for the website, like database manipulation or to create a simple form is just apt for their job.

2. Mid-Level

These are the people who have little experience in PHP development for a few days and they are efficient in taking up the responsibility to bring your ideas into reality. These adept professionals have good knowledge of the subject.

3. Advanced or Senior-Level

These developers have vast experience thus offer the right resources that are valuable for your business. They have immense experience in website integration, maintenance, and enhancement as well as website design and development in customized e-commerce. These are the ones who are highly skilled in the areas of Content management applications, Social Networking applications, and multimedia applications.

Sources to hire PHP developers

1. PHP User Group: You get a number of PHP developers from the PHP user groups and keep in mind their policies regarding the posting of your job notices and it’s essential that you go as per the policies to apply for the job post.

2. Freelancing Web Portals: Through freelancing portals, you can find PHP developers who work for you on a part-time basis.

3. Certified Web Development Company: These are the organizations that allow you to hire programmers on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis payment option. The PHP developers that belong to these organizations are absolutely adept in their area. 

How to hire a PHP developer for your project?

1. Focus on the experience

You’d know how good a PHP developer is by the amount of experience he has gained all of his life. Through the experiences, you get hold of the developer’s knowledge and skill possessed in the subject.

2. Portfolio check

Through the work portfolio carried by the developer, you get the general idea regarding the projects he has handled in the past. This way you get to know how well he handled his projects.

3. Technical Knowledge

Besides the basic knowledge of PHP development, it’s necessary that your candidate possesses great knowledge of various frameworks comprising of XHTML, HTML, AJAX, MySQL, Zen and Cake PHP.

4. Interpersonal Skills

You can ascertain the basic nature of the developer from the skills he possesses in interpersonal communication. In case the candidate can’t communicate well, then he is sure to fail to build the right kind of connection with the client. It’s necessary that you notice how the prospective developer communicates verbally.

5. Flexibility

It’s essential that the developer has a working knowledge of various frameworks.

These tips and tricks are going to be greatly helpful in hiring a PHP developer for the job.

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    Wesley Hindley

    If you seek to build a website using PHP, then addressing these issues will define the success or failure of your project. There are many agencies in the market. Take an informed decision after going through all the tips mentioned above. Then, choose a partner who will address your short-term project needs and share your vision to take your business to new heights.

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