How to Help Your Kids Stand Up for Themselves and Be Empathetic

Elections are bound to leave people in a state of confusion. Additionally, elections also brew hate and divisiveness among the people. The campaign period validates the hateful language. Of course, there must be winners and losers. In more cases than not, people are always gripped by the fear of being robbed of their rights.

While elections are bound to leave the people happy and sad in equal shares, it is how you teach and raise your kids, that determines the future of a nation. It is equally important for your kids to know that love, kindness, and empathy will always win.

You can encourage your kids to join social education sites such as El RincΓ³n del Vago where they can interact with kids from various backgrounds. This will help them to avoid judging people on issues such as race.

Help your kids stand up for themselves

So, a very important question is raised. How do you teach kids about right and wrong while at the same time teaching them to stand up for themselves and be empathetic?

Be the Example at Home

Recent studies show that kids who are in a respectful and loving environment rarely get bullied or bully others. Treating your kids with respect teaches them how to respect others. They will have to respect their peers to be respected too. Learn ways to earn the respect of others.

On the other hand, using dictatorial methods or force will show them that they can only get what they want through the use of force.


Kids will find themselves in tricky situations. As a guardian or parent, you need to teach them how to deal with these situations verbally. This communication should not only help the child get his or her message through but should also be respectful.

In addition to assertiveness, you should teach your kid how to be calm when caught up in stressful situations. Altogether, apart from being assertive, you should encourage your kid to walk away and avoid the bickering or ignore the bullying.

Teach Them To Be Confident

If you didn’t know, kids are a very observant lot. They watch your every move and mimic your behavior too. As a parent, you should always embrace confidence at all times. Additionally, if you find yourself in a not so pleasant situation with your kid around, exhibit confidence and avoid using curse words.

Social Skills Are Vital

Not all kids are born social. As such, it is essential to equip your kids with social skills. These skills will help your kids learn how to introduce themselves or ask for something politely. Also, if you find your kid lacking in social skills, you can advise them to join social clubs within the school.

Listen To Your Kids and Monitor Them Closely

Talking about bullying or instances of abuse can be difficult for some kids. Because of this, you should always be observant should you notice any different behavior. Bond with your kids on a regular basis and encourage them to talk about any issues they could be facing. Additionally, offer support should your kid be a victim of bullying.

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