How to Get Your Business to Show Up on Google?

Running a business or company is both challenging and fun. On the other hand, starting a business will need you to do a lot of research on establishing its name to the people. Before starting a business, you need to make sure that you have enough money to finance the company that you will lead. Another thing to consider is learning about the departments you will need and their functions. Don’t forget to take tips on how to get your business on Google search from experts.

Starting a business and having no clue what or who you will be needing is not going to guarantee your business from succeeding. One essential thing that you must do when you have a business is putting a lot of work into advertising or promoting it. Advertising will let people know about what product you are selling or the services you are offering. Because of the never-ending evolution of technology, you can advertise over the internet. There are a lot of ways on how you can advertise your business over the internet.

For example, building a website for business, pay-per-click advertising, marketing on social media, or using SEO are some ways to get to the top of Google. Among the enumerated ways, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is what business owners often use to advertise. It includes the use of your website so that it can be on top results when a person searches using search engines.

Here are some things you need to keep in mind if you want your website to belong to the top search results. Read our tips on-

How to Get Your Business to Show Up on Google First?

How to get your business to show up on Google

1. Build A Website

How to get your business on Google search?

The first step in advertising over the internet is building your business or company’s website. The website will help you establish your business’s reputation, and it also allows you to describe what your company offers and does. It is what customers visit when they want to know about your products. Having a competent website is essential, so here the characteristics your website needs to have.


Your website needs to be mobile-friendly because it can either annoy or please your customer. Having a mobile-friendly website lets your customer easily find the information that they need. It can increase your website visitor, and people will gladly come back for more information if they find your website reliable.

Responsive design

There are a lot of devices that people use to search the web right now. They use devices like laptops, desktop computers, tablets, mobile phones, and netbooks, which have different sizes. A website with a responsive design will automatically scale its contents in whatever device you open it. Responsive designs can adjust to any screen size because their sizes can grow or shrink to fit the screen. This feature can positively improve your user’s experience.

Easy navigation

Your website must also be easy to navigate. In making your website easy to navigate, you must divide your categories accordingly, use tabs with accurate titles, and use links to lead your customers to the right page. You can have the category tabs like home, services offered, the question & answer, and the about us on your website. Of course, you can add any tabs that you think are important for promoting your website. For the tab titles, you must make sure they are short and concise. You can use two to three words that can describe the content of the tabs. Also, do not create a tab on your menu bar that directs your customer to unrelated pages or websites.

2. Use Keywords

How to get recognized on Google?

When someone asks me- how do I get my business to show up on google search, I answer do keyword research.

Keywords are essential because they bring visitors to your site. More viewers mean that you will have a greater chance of obtaining customers who will patronize your product or services. These keywords can be words or phrases that a user will likely type when he inputs his query in the search engine, so you need to place yourself in the shoes of a prospective buyer.

It is essential to think about the words you will input in your search engine if you are looking for a certain product or topic. For example, if you are looking for a restaurant where you can eat, the possible search words or phrases you will input are restaurants nearby, new restaurants, or restaurants with delicious food. If you have these phrases or words on your website, it will be easier for prospected customers to find you.

You need to remember that your keywords must be related to your product because if it is not, possible customers will land on some other pages that satisfy their search engine inputs.

Having a list of keywords that you can use is necessary because you will have options. Also, you need to think that websites will use common keywords, so avoid doing the same. Use keywords that are unique or long-tailed but would come into the mind of customers when searching. Long-tail keywords are longer and more specific keywords that customers or clients use to search for information.

Some keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner, KWFinder, Ahrefs, SEMRush, etc., can help you determine and search for keywords you can use for your websites. They are free, and they even offer keywords sorted according to their classifications. Some states where companies are booming, like Minnesota, use these tools in advertising or promoting their businesses. People in the city of the state prefer to use SEO Company Minneapolis when looking for an SEO company that can help with their keyword searches because they offer a great service. They can help you use keywords strategically and efficiently. After finding the suitable keywords for your site, the next thing you need to do is determine where to put them. You need to organize and use your keywords wisely. You can include your keywords in the title of your page, use it as an anchor text, or include it in the introduction part of your website or article. Find the proper place for keywords and wait for great results.

3. Create a Blog

How to get to the top of google without paying?

You can take advantage of blogs to promote your business. Using blogs is great for SEO because it keeps your website new, especially when it is updated on a daily or regular basis. It will show your visitors that your contents are fresh and the information they are going to receive is not outdated. Blogs will also help with the impact of your products or services because blogs include the personal experience or opinion of the writer on the topic. These blogs also allow you to use links. Use these links to direct your visitor to your main page or your pages that contain information about the keyword that they clicked. For example, if your visitor clicked on the phrase “the best cure for diarrhea,” then you can link it to a page that contains medicine to cure diarrhea ranked in order, or to a page that contains the information alone for one cure that you deem to be the best.

Write entertaining blogs, or you can also hire writers to do it for you. Make sure that the blogs contain information about your product and services. You can also write blogs that are not directly discussing your product. For example, if you sell products like curtains, screens, or curtain rods, you can blog about interior designing or shopping for house things. You can mention curtains along the way of discussing points in your article and even include them in your subheadings. For instance, in the previously given example of a blog about interior designing, you can put a subheading that goes, “Hang a curtain for the look.”

4. Publish Quality Content

How do I get my business to show up on Google search?

Components of SEO Writing

No one would be interested in reading an article or a paragraph that does not talk about a definite point or an article that goes around the bush. You need to deliver information that your reader wants to know because if you fail to answer his query, he will leave your website immediately.

A client wants a direct discussion because he engaged the help of a search engine to help him find answers quickly. It is also essential to include information about your company that your competitors do not have. Include information that shows the effectiveness or usefulness of your products and the quality or satisfactory effects of your services.

For example, if you are selling products for skincare, you must add the proven results when using them, and you can also include some testimonies from customers who have tried it already. You also need to think about adding features and offers that competition companies do not have.

As an illustration, if you are a company selling different kitchen appliances, you can introduce a piece of equipment that a customer can use in many ways. For example, you can use a piece of kitchen equipment for cooking rice, frying different types of food, steaming, and cooking other recipes. You can entice customers by offering products and services that they have only seen on your website.

5. Submit Sitemap to Search Console

How do I get my business to come up first on Google?

A sitemap is one of the SEO techniques that you can use for your website. Sitemaps are essential when you plan to launch your website because search engines read the information you provide therein. The information is composed of the pages, photos, or videos that you included on your website. These sitemaps are useful, especially when your website is large and new. The sitemap connects all your sites, so once the search engine hits up one of your sites, all the other linked websites will appear as the suggested page to visit when the user or customer drops another query. When you use a sitemap, you must not link hundreds of links because too much information about your site might confuse your visitors. They will not pinpoint the exact information they want to have if you overload them with a lot of data to take in.

A sitemap will also keep track of the traffic your website experiences or the number of people visiting your sites using the keywords you included in your sites. It will also send you reports on the things you will need to fix, which is very convenient because you will stay updated on improvements and make changes on your site for better implementation.

6. Link Building

How to make my business show up on Google search?

Link building and backlinks
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You use link-building techniques and links to connect a page to other pages. In simpler terms, when you click a link, it will lead you to another site with a different topic or title but closely have relevant content. The contents of the links you will use must be related to the content of your site. There are two types of links that you should know of. These are:

Internal links

These links lead you to a different page under the same domain. Using internal links will keep your visitors stay longer on your websites, which will give you more possibilities of enticing them to buy your products or avail of your services.

External links

On the other hand, external links, also known as outbound links, bring you to another website on a different domain. These websites would usually contain information that gives additional information about a certain topic that you discussed on your site.

Using strong links will provide traffic to your site and can add to the increase in your ranking. It will make your article or blog more visible as a result when customers use search engines.


Promoting your business over the internet will not be difficult as long as you do your research. You need to utilize all the available sources and tools that you can grab to promote your business more effectively. Furthermore, if you are new to all of these and think that you will need assistance before you stand on your own feet, many websites offer help in SEO. They can help you set up your business website and guide you until you get used to it. All you have to do is hire the correct SEO company and tell them what you want to accomplish.

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