How Mac Computers Excel Over Windows Computers?

Are you currently contemplating investing in a new computer? There is a good chance that you are. Computers get outdated pretty quickly in this day and age. So, it is a good idea to upgrade from time to time. Unfortunately, buying a new computer can be a difficult task and an expensive expenditure. You’ll want to go above and beyond to ensure that you make the very best decision for your money. Your first big decision will be choosing between a Mac or a Windows computer. Which one is best? Macs excel in a handful of areas, which will be explored in greater depth below.

Mac computer excel over Windows computer

Macs A Trendier

During the past few years, Microsoft has fallen out of favor with the trendiest people in the world. If you turn on a television show or watch a movie, you will see people using computers. Most of the time, those computers will be produced by Apple. Hollywood and its biggest stars love Macs. If you want to follow the latest trends, you should also invest in a Mac. Macs are much trendier and cooler than their Windows counterparts.

Macs Are Surprisingly Cheaper In The Long Run

When comparing the prices, you will quickly discover that Macs tend to be more expensive initially. However, you would be surprised to learn that Macs are actually cheaper over a period of time. It is important to look past the initial price tag. It is also important to take the residual value into consideration since there is a good chance that you’ll sell or trade-in your computer at some point to upgrade. Check out eBay and other similar websites, you will quickly discover that used Macs sell for far more than users Windows PCs. If you intend to sell your computer down the line, you owe it to yourself to invest in a Mac.

Buying A Mac Is Easier

Buying A Mac

Buying a Windows computer can be difficult. Go ahead and scour your PC options. You will quickly discover that your options are overwhelming. There are tons of manufacturers that utilize the Windows operating system. Their computers offer varying specs and the prices are enormously different. Therefore, choosing a good Windows computer will be very difficult. Macs are different. You just need to visit your local Apple store. A friendly representative will help you find the right Mac for you in a matter of minutes.

Plus, there are fewer Macs to choose from. Therefore, choosing and buying a Mac is much, much easier. If you prefer simplicity, you owe it to yourself to buy a Mac.

Cloud And Time Machine

Most computer users do not back up their hard drives often enough. This will create huge problems in the future. Unfortunately, the Windows operating system doesn’t always encourage backing up your data. This is why you should make the switch to a Mac. Mac computers come with Cloud access and Time Machine software. This combination makes it effortless to back up your computer on a regular basis. In return, you can rest assured knowing that your information and data will be protected and stored in a safe place.

Macs Can Run Windows

Macs can run Windows

Many consumers believe that they will not be able to run Windows programs on their Mac. This isn’t always true. You might have to jump through a handful of hoops, but it is entirely possible to run Windows programs on a Mac computer. You can install the Windows operating system via Boot Camp. Or you can use third-party programs, such as VMWare Fusion, Virtual Box or Parallels. Either way, it is always possible to run Windows on Mac. The opposite might not be true. Therefore, why wouldn’t you want a Mac?

Troubleshooting Is Easier

Another great thing to note is that troubleshooting a Mac computer is far easier. Whether you’re trying to learn how to unfreeze a Mac or you’re dealing with startup issues, fixing the problem on a Mac shouldn’t be too difficult. In fact, as long as your Mac is still under warranty, Apple’s customer service team will help you out. Apple has great customer service, whereas Microsoft tends to falter in this category.

Less Prone To Viruses

Apple-designed its macOS with state-of-the-art technologies that are continuously working together to monitor, update and encrypt. This high-tech security system is designed to keep Mac safer. Apple also offers frequent software updates to enhance its security system.

The Mac also features a technology called “Gatekeeper,” which is designed to make downloading apps safer. This technology protects users from accidentally downloading malicious software on their Mac. Apple takes the extra step to protect its customers from malicious software, by reviewing apps before they are accepted by their store. Apple offers all developers a unique Developer ID, which can be utilized to digitally sign apps. This ID allows the Gatekeeper to block apps with malware and identify apps that have been tampered with.

Windows do not offer their own security. In fact, users much invest in antivirus software to protect their PC from malicious software. This software must be frequently updated and in some cases, the updates are required daily. Of course, Windows computers are widely used, making them more prone to viruses and attacks. The same viruses cannot attack the Mac because the PC operates utilizing a different file type.

Excellent Software Included

If you have ever shopped for a personal computer, you probably already know that you can pretty much add any type of software that you want. Keep in mind that the keyword here is “add”. While you can choose any type of software package that you want, you are going to have to pay extra for it. When you unbox a MAC and start it up, you will notice that is comes equipped with a variety of software and programs already installed. You have everything from Photos to iTunes. You will literally be able to edit photos, create music, and make movies right off the bat, without purchasing anything extra and for most individuals, this is all they truly ever need.

In addition to this, there is a MAC store app where you can literally purchase just about any type of additional software that you could ever need.

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