Hotify AI to Target $5 Billion Global Applied AI Research & Development Market


Bangalore, January 23, 2018: In the fast-developing emerging technologies landscape, the year 2017 was very significant and has seen a lot of action from major research institutes and large corporations in the field of AI, AI-powered technologies and Enterprise AI Solutions. Numerous conferences, seminars, and brainstorming sessions have been organized all over the world, and some IT and Tech companies have surged ahead in this area of cutting-edge technology. The size of the AI and AI-powered tech market is estimated to reach $50 Billion+ just in the next two years, i.e. by 2020. Research and R&D will be approximately 10% of this outlay since these are emerging technologies and will need significant R&D.

Hotify AI is committed to making AI work for enterprises across a wide variety of industries and sectors with its cognitive intelligence platform serving as an accelerator. Hotify  AI has a keen focus on the latest algorithms, frameworks, and innovative concepts of applied Artificial Intelligence and has a penchant for supporting R & D in this area as it believes this will help move an entire ecosystem a giant leap forward. Hotify AI would further like to partner with educational institutions and corporations who want to invest in applied AI R&D and become future-ready.

Artificial Intelligence Research Development

This applied AI research will have a far-reaching impact on a variety of new eco-system components and provide innovative solutions that lead to significant progress. As part of this initiative, Hotify plans to initiate the following:

Establish partnerships with educational institutions

Many leading universities and educational institutions are eager to understand and implement new learning methodologies to enable and empower the youth of today. As Hotify has a strong foundation in Applied AI along with its cognitive intelligence platform, we will provide ample opportunities for students to learn and experiment with new concepts with excellent guidance from our technical leadership.

Setup AI R&D hub in Tier 2 cities

As part of the initiative to create smart cities and enable technological hubs across various parts of our country, there is an urgent need to establish innovation capabilities and leverage the local pool of talent available in many Tier 2 cities. Hotify is keen to lend its expertise and help in the successful build-out and sustenance of this environment.

Partner with Enterprises in AI Innovation

As enterprises strategize on the roadmap for their future solutions, Hotify will be able to augment their expertise and support their R & D initiatives with the active involvement and joint targets for growth and innovation. Accelerated proof of concepts and turn-around times achieved through this alliance will enable a faster and successful GTM strategy for enterprises.

Setup Co-Innovation labs with large enterprises

Leveraging our applied AI expertise and the domain expertise of the enterprises, multiple focus areas and solutions for the future can be created by establishing a joint Hotify-Enterprise AI R&D Lab specifically focused on the enterprise and its users. This will help fast-track the solutions for enterprises with combined resources and technological expertise.

Quoting on this key development, Preethi S Narayanan, President AI Solutions at Hotify AI, said, “We have a very strong synergy with the global R&D plans for applied AI and AI-powered technologies.  By targeting the $5 billion research outlay for these technologies, we are creating a whole new business paradigm that will lay the foundation for continuous innovation and technology evolution and position us as a front-runner.”

About Hotify AI

Hotify AI is a cognitive intelligence platform, accelerating enablement of enterprise AI solutions and is headquartered in Bangalore, India. Hotify has a seasoned leadership team with hands-on experience in a wide range of AI domains and deep expertise in Artificial Intelligence. Hotify is presently working with leading enterprises in banking, financial services, manufacturing, and consumer packaged goods companies. Hotify’s platform provides an out-of-the-box ready-to-use AI backend designed to accelerate the development of intelligent systems and increase AI adoption. Hotify also offers AI advisory, consulting, and develops solutions that organizations may require as they work toward the adoption of AI.

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