Home and Self-Storage Security is Easier with 3 New Technologies


Keeping homes protected from intruders is one of the most important tasks facing homeowners today. No one wants to worry about their possessions or loved ones while they are away at work, running errands, or while out of town. Fortunately, recent advancements in high-tech security have made it much easier for people to monitor their home or self-storage units while they are away. In addition, some of this technology makes access to secure locations easier and more convenient by eliminating the need for a traditional metal key. Here we are going to look at how Home and Self-Storage Security can be easier using current technology to protect ones’ belongings and secure storage facilities is one of the best choices anyone can make today.

Home and Self-Storage Security

Managing Home and Self-Storage Security

Easier Access

New high-tech security options like smart locks have made it possible for people to forego normal lock and key configurations. Smart locks can be used through the use of apps on a phone or tablet. This gives everyone in the household easy access to the home without having to worry about the threat or inconvenience of a lost key. Some locks also use Bluetooth technology to unlock automatically when the corresponding device comes near the door. These Bluetooth enabled locks do not require the use of wireless Internet signals, so they are slightly safer and more protected against hackers or other unwanted intrusions.

Live-Streaming Security Cameras

Anyone wanting to monitor their property at all times will want to invest in high-quality HD cameras. There are a variety of different home security cameras available, including hidden camera options or those that can monitor a large area through motion sensors. These cameras can be viewed at any time using a corresponding webpage or app on a phone, and the footage can also be stored remotely for later viewing. These cameras help to give people peace of mind that their property is not compromised while they are away from home.

Automatic Garage Door Openers

While many people leave a spare key hidden on their property for use during emergencies or when a service representative needs access to the home, this is not a safe practice. Instead of leaving the home vulnerable to break in, it is just smarter to install a smart garage door opener. This gives people the ability to remotely open their garage doors while they are away. If another family member is locked out or someone needs to access the home, the homeowner can simply allow them access to the garage from wherever they are located. In addition, they can also use remote monitoring to see how long the door stays open and any type of movement through the area. These doors also have sensors to ensure that no small children or animals get caught up the in the door as it closes, also.

It is how home and self-storage security now most promising. Advancements in high-tech security have made it easier for people to know that their property is safe while they are away. New products like HD cameras and smart locks make it possible to avoid traditional locks or poor quality security footage. With the technology available today, anyone can feel safe leaving their valuables at home or in a secure self-storage facility.


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