How to Hire Software Developers and Engineers?

Software developers, software engineers, computer scientists, and data scientists are in incredibly high-demand, to say the very least. In fact, according to a recent study, the “best job” of 2020 is a software developer. With an incredibly low unemployment rate, high salary ranges, and a major need for these roles in many different types of companies, it’s no surprise to learn that it’s not easy to hire software developers at this time.

That’s because the demand for these roles in modern businesses is at an all-time high while the supply is very low. Right now, there is a massive talent shortage going on in the world of IT. It means that it’s a very difficult task to hire a software developer or engineer, let alone the right person for the job.

It’s worth noting that, because of this shortage, many companies are choosing to partner with a third-party company, such as BairesDev, where the developers are already secure in their jobs. This alleviates the need for a talent search.

While the quest for the right software developer candidate may be difficult, it’s not impossible – especially when companies know what to look for and how to look for it.

Hire software developers
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Tips to Hire A Software Developer

There are several things that companies can do to help make themselves more appealing options for potential employees in general, but especially for development and IT roles.

Take the time to define job goals and create an objective-based hiring profile fully.

Before ever posting a job opening to an online job board, companies need to clearly and very honestly define their business goals and expectations of the candidate filling the open role.

The conversation should start by asking what problem you need to solve, as the type of developer needed depends on the issue at hand. As there are many different areas of expertise for software dev, the job description should be as specific as possible with the required technologies, skill sets, and overall expectations.

The job description also needs to include other requirements, such as start dates, the general nature of the work, and the goals of the position. This allows potential candidates to know if they are actually interested in working for the company and if they would be a good fit for the role.

Be flexible with software tools and programming languages.

New programming languages and development tools for software development launch almost on a yearly basis. Instead of asking for language-specific roles, or focusing on tools during the interview process, focus on the concepts and algorithms.

Pay specific attention to how the candidate approaches a problem or question and how they solve it. It’s much easier for a person with great problem-solving skills to learn a new programming language like Python or a development tool than a master of a specific language to learn how to solve a problem.

Get the team on the same page about expectations and requirements.

Nothing derails the process of hiring a new employee than when everyone involved has a different opinion about the requirements. The best developers also don’t want to work for a dysfunctional team or ineffective team leaders. When you plan to hire software developers, it should be clear in your mind.

Before interviewing anyone or posting the job, build a consensus with the necessary parties on what are absolute necessities in a candidate, what the company’s value propositions are, as well as the team’s strategy, goals, and budget for the near future. It will help not only align the team but also help answer questions from candidates about their potential future at the company.

Make sure that the candidate is passionate about their job.

A truly passionate and enthusiastic software developer has a need to keep learning new technologies and ways to get better at their job. They also have interesting and varying portfolios to show off during the hiring process.

If the candidate is really passionate about their work, they will offer a list of many different projects that they’ve completed throughout their career. The hiring company should ask questions about the details of these projects as well as the features, challenges, and problems they overcame throughout their development.

Offer fast and make it an enticing offer.

With the massive IT skills shortage in the current job market, software developers have the ability to be picky with the job choice. This means that when a company finds the ideal candidate for the job opening, they must make their offers quickly and make sure that it’s an offer worth considering.

If they are a super talented or high-quality developer, they will be interviewing elsewhere, and other companies will want to hire them as well. A delay in decision-making or a less competitive offer means that the candidate may choose to accept an offer from a direct competitor.

In today’s job market, it is somewhat difficult to hire software developers, but it isn’t impossible. With the right job listing, a well thought out and organized the interviewing process, and a quickly-offered and enticing job offer, the process is much more successful.

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