How to Use Help Desk Ticketing System?


Help Desk software is a great solution for those engaged in customer support service as it plays a major role in organizing a fluent workflow and improves communication with clients and customers.

Help desk ticketing system helps agents to deliver the high-quality level of support to clients and customers, it is a simple yet powerful tool in your everyday activity and helps to manage and process loads of information. If your job requires order and accuracy in dealing with customer’s date, then jitbit helpdesk ticketing system is exactly what you are looking for.

Help desk ticket system

How are things done with the help desk software?

Hundreds of claims are being processed manually every day by customer support services. To make your job easier you have a chance to buy at an affordable price. This system is a software that is the best solution for agents involved in constant communication with clients.

This software is web-based so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your data as it is stored on a server. Every agent of yours will have an access to their tickets as the number of users is unlimited. Moreover, it is possible to download an app to your gadget and to work remotely when needed. This app is light and fast, it performs operational process fast even with a slow connection.

Web help desk reports


The main benefit of this exceptional software is that all information is gathered in the forms of tasks and can be easily addressed and managed. It is possible to attach additional documentation to existing tickets – PDF files or screenshots. Even your correspondence with a customer might be attached to a corresponding ticket in order not to lose an important letter.

The next important feature of help desk ticketing system is that it can be integrated with your email, even with more than one. All your letters could be routed to a specific place according to certain words used in subject line or other criteria.

Quick Response

Spend less time answering the same questions over and over again as the knowledge base “memorizes” answers and in the case of similar question automatically provides suggestions to customers.

Web help desk devices

After receiving a notification concerning incoming request an agent is able to open a corresponding ticket and to find out the whole information about the client’s history within seconds including previous issues and all existing correspondence. All data are given in one page which is really convenient. While processing the issuing agent is able to sort tickets according to their status, due date or responsible manager and see the progress and statistics.

Needless to say that this software will become an irreplaceable tool in managing all your working documentation and dealing with customers’ requests.


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