In just a few days, Google will be at it again. The web giant’s algorithm changes and updates can change a lot of company policies and attitudes towards web content in an instant. Which is why it is important to understand and have a clear picture of what is store later this month for all content-related and brand building agencies in India? We’re sure you have questions, and here is the right place to get the best answers to all the doubts plaguing you.

Google ranking responsive sites

Question – What is this recent change all about?

Answer – The Google update that will go live on 21/04 has a lot to with mobile sites and might change the way we look at these sites completely. In preparation, Google has been rolling out changes to platforms like Google Play and mobile SERPS. Though the company has been guarding all details about the upcoming change like a sworn secret, experts believe that the update will be related to a new mobile crawler with a possible Android user-agent. This crawler would better the way single-page web apps are crawled on the site currently.

Question – So does this mean that if a site is not mobile-friendly, it will have lower rankings?

Answer – There is no news of any repercussions for desktop-only sites. In fact, at a panel meet in SMX Munich, Google’s Zineb Ait Bahajji said much the same to eager beavers, who were worried about the consequences of the new crawler on desktop rankings. But ensuring that your site is mobile friendly – in at least a passable way – is not going to harm you in any way either and might even better your rankings. After all, being mobile-friendly is one of the best practices followed by many content sites.

Question – How will the new update affect mobile rankings?

Answer – According to reports, this new update is expected to be bigger than the previous Panda and Penguin updates. With all the infrastructure changes, Google has been making and experimenting with such an event would actually be in keeping with the company’s recent activities. It is being said that the change will be more impactful for mobile sites using the Android platform; there is currently a huge difference between search results for iOS and Android. The new mobile crawler update may possibly bridge the gap between mobile SERPs on both the platforms. iOS apps with deep link validations may surface more easily hereafter though whether this will happen from 21/04 or later is still a bit unclear.

Question – Will the crawler consider sites that redirect users to a mobile sub-domain as ‘mobile friendly’?

Answer – In the aftermath of Google’s mobile-friendly tagging, there was a significant upsurge in mobile SERPs for websites with the mDot (m.) feature. Google has also stopped insisting on responsive design architecture, which they consider to be the least error-prone. But they are now more open to other mobile site architectures even if they may not be the easiest to crawl. So, it is safe to assume that mobile sub-domains will also fall under the purview of mobile-friendly.

There are a lot of goals that Google is trying to achieve with its new update. But one cannot deny that providing a better mobile experience to users is one of the most important reasons. So, gear up and get ready for 21st April as things are set to change for the better here on.

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