Google Search Algorithm Updates of 2016 – What to Know About?


Every year, Google makes a change in its Search Algorithms for around 500 to 600 times! Most of these changes are minor and do not affect much on the good-quality sites, but an occasional ‘Major’ search algorithm update like Google Panda and Google Penguin, affects the search rankings in the most significant ways.

Google Search Algorithm Updates 2016

For a normal user, the Google Search Algorithm Updates are out of the field topics and do not have any importance to know about, but for the SEO or Internet Search Marketer, these are the essential things to know. It helps to know the changes in ranking terms and the website traffic which comes organically and improves search engine optimization. Check this below list of the ‘major Google search algorithm updates’ which make the biggest impact on search rankings.

Google search algorithm updates

1. Google Penguin Update – June 3, 2016

It has been a year and 17 weeks passed since the last Google Penguin Update. John Mueller from Google has released the information about the future update of penguin by saying ‘getting closer and closer’ and ‘it is not too far in the future’.


This is the first time when Google has mentioned anything before the timing of Penguin 4.0 Update. All the internet marketers including us are eager for this Google Penguin 4.0 Update.

2. Google Mobile-Friendly Update – May 12, 2016

After a year of the ‘first mobile-friendly update’, Google has rolled out another signal boost for the rankings to give benefit to the websites which are designed mobile-friendly. As the most of the sites we track are converted or made mobile-friendly already, the impact of this update is likely to be small.

3. Undisclosed Major Update – May 10, 2016

The top Google weather trackers like RankRanger, SERP Metrics, etc. have noticed a rare pattern for a week-long duration of volatility. This happened because of a Major Google Update as the most of the search marketers think. But Google did not reveal anything about it by just mentioning that “We are not aware of anything crazy, but Changes are always there.” So no pretty much explanation is available for these continuous ranking SERP fluctuations between May 6 and May 13, 2016.

4. Official End of Google Toolbar PageRank – April 18, 2016

On March 7, 2016, Google has started to kill off the toolbar PageRank and officially ended it on Friday, April 15, 2016. Google has closed the feed, the hose, which is needed to obtain the toolbar PageRank data. In 2013, Google has stopped to update the external PageRank and since then, Google has told time to time that It will never update the toolbar PageRank again.

5. Major Change to Google AdWords – February 23, 2016

In the middle of February 2016, Google announced to remove the sidebar ads which show on the search engine result pages. Google also announced to roll out 4-ad blocks (previously three) on the top or bottom of the SERPs. As this was an update on the paid search, it affects most on the CTR for both the organic and paid results of a website, specifically with the competitive keywords. This paid search update was rolled out on February 23, 2016. After this update, a nearly 26.79% increase of bottom SERP ads in the USA was noticed with the similar kind of results in other countries.

6. Google Search Ranking Update – January 8, 2016

A major fluctuation in the ranking of both the Desktop and Mobile search was measured by the major search trackers like Mozcast. This change was due to the Google Core Quality Rank Algorithm Update on January 8, 2016. Google has officially confirmed that this was not the Penguin Update, but not revealed the actual details about the Algorithm Update, which remains sketchy. But, it was looking as a Panda Update which measures the quality of the site and as an Article on Search Engine Land indicates that, “Google Panda is Now a Part of the Google’s Core Ranking Algorithm.”

So, these were the Google Search Updates of 2016. Google has a long history of changing its search algorithms, search indexes, and policies. We will let you know when the new updates will be released by Google, and make an effect on the search rankings of a website.


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