How is Best Google AdSense Alternative?


One who wants to make money from his blog want to get Google AdSense account. Most of us believe, it is one of best monetization tool on the available on the internet. Millions of blogs are monetized by Google AdSense. But I want to make sure one thing, it is not the only player in the market. There are lots of hateful ways to monetize your blog without depending on it. Google AdSense is dominating the market for several reasons, but one must give a try to other options as well like links. Google AdSense has a very strict policy to keep safe their advertisers so any mistake done by the publisher can lead to site block or account cancellation. It’s not a rare thing most of have faced this big problem. This is the reason why one should think of best Google AdSense Alternative, such as links. The user can easily monetize their blog in simple steps and yield biggest pay-outs. As Google AdSense Alternative Google AdSense Alternative

How Works? can be integrated almost anywhere whether it’s a blog or website. It does not depend up which platform user use to run their site. The user can install ready to use scripts and plugins to start monetization the website. Working with is really simple and users should not take the pain to place Ads where it will visible to visitors. Just sign-up for and get access to premium ads with global coverage. That’s the most important thing with this. Having access to premium ads offers an opportunity to earn the biggest payouts. This way user can make the most out of the blogs by just writing the content what their visitors like the most. Low earning publishers always make complain about Google AdSense support team, but support team care about every publisher. They listen to publisher’s problem and provide the possible solution in minimum time. On the, dashboard users can track the real-time earning which always keep updated to publishers how much they will get the end of the month.

Payout Transparency

The best AdSense alternative is always straightforward about their excellent pay-out rates. Those blogs which are popular in the US have potential to earn average $4.03 for 1000 hits only but opportunity to earn up to $7.78. Pay-out rates are dynamic in nature and change every day. Users can check updates rate daily to target visitors. Blog with more than 100,000 hits per day receives special rates to increase the revenue. Publishers who’re consistent with has realized that the Google AdSense is not the only way to make money. Generating revenue with it is effortless and clean. Real-time tracking of earning per click keep transparency in between publishers and advertisers. It’s not the secret for the publisher from where money is coming and how much they will be paid per hit.

Instant Approval

With the Google AdSense if someone who is selling something online has to need to use subscribers, follower or even a sale. It’s because while blog visitors click the Google Ads, they leave your page instantly and move out to a new page. This may lead publishers mind not to use AdSense.

When it comes to get approval for Google AdSense account, users know this is improbably hard. But with users just need a sign up and start working from today. Main thing is Google AdSense policy, publishers must follow them, if they want to keep generating revenue from their blogs. On the other hand, the term of use and other policies are simple to use and are suitable for almost any blog. Once a publisher violate the AdSense policy even accidentally, it is almost impossible to get back account or apply for a new account. This can be a horrible nightmare for those bloggers who do good enough with their AdSense and unwilling their account get cancelled over the night without taking any feedback. So it’s better to keep working with suitable Google AdSense alternatives to keep generating revenue.

Increase Blog Revenue

As one should not rely on only one shop today then why should not Google AdSense alternative to increase revenue. AdSense does not perform well for sites with few hundred articles and low traffic. If the publisher is able to generate high volume content and raise their traffic through search engines then it can be good to stay with it. But the best Google AdSense alternative also can let you generate higher revenue as your content and blog traffic keep growing, so no worries here. The main drawback of using AdSense is publishers whose visitors are not from the US or Europe content get only up to 5 to 10 cent per click. It means CPC is very low outside US and UK. Comparatively can offer you better CPC, so one can get paid earlier than AdSense. know the value for your money and want to pay-out with a lower threshold.

Control Ads Serving

Google AdSense publisher does not have full control over serving advertisement. It is because AdSense mostly show Ads assigned by keywords or cookies. Sometimes it’s better to have control over which Ad should appear on the blog. If one is showing a particular advertisement generally people think the promotion of favourite thing. This cannot be the case if any publisher is not allow to pick the favourite product for advertise.

Easy Payment

AdSense does not disclose co-relation between click and the related earning, hence the earning is less transparent. Another thing one can’t be paid until finalized earning reached to $100. Getting payment from Google AdSense has a long tail. First, verify your identity and address through activation PIN sent to given address. Mostly people in India don’t the activation PIN timely. After three month they get the option to upload required verification documents. Once Google AdSense account get verified users have to reach the threshold of $100. For new sites it can take a long to get paid, six to twelve months. This is all because of low CPC.

Sign up: is offering overlay ads to publishers and visitors need to click on Ad to see the landing page. This way one can improve revenue from his blog.

We believe these reasons are enough to encourage you. It’s time to think of Google AdSense alternative to monetize blogs.


  1. Hello do you think we can use Adsense and Short.est on our blogs at the same time? Do you think my adsense will get banned because of my shortest links?


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