Say Goodbye to Paper Waste by Switching over to Scanners

Are you looking for ways for your business or even yourself to go green? Not only that you will be helping your planet and its environment but also be cost effective. Surprised? Ready to hear what is the easy way? Say goodbye to all your physical paperwork by converting the documents into digital copies.

Changing your paper trails into digital ones is not just an administrative change but also a strategic move and should involve every part of the business organization. It can start with installing a simple scanner to elevate your business to the next level. If you are an individual trying to make a mark in the green world, you can start with reducing your paper waste.

Document Scanner to Reduce Paper Waste

Types of Scanners

But of course, it is not an easy choice to make when it comes to scanners, especially with the numerous options available in today’s modern world. Let us understand some of those scanners before we make a decision.

Portable Scanners

Are you looking for something that is handy and can be used on the go? Then these portable scanners are your answers. They work perfectly with laptops and can scan up to A4 size.

Workgroup Scanners

These are bigger in size and can help when you work in a group, and it connects to a common network. Their output can vary from A4 to A3 sized papers.

Multi-function Devices (MFDs)

These devices are perfect for printing, scanning and copying your documents. This all in one device will save your space and money without much compromise in the speed or quality. Though it won’t produce a high-resolution scan, it will work perfectly for your business uses.

Production Scanners

If your need is to produce thousands of pages in a day then you will need a production scanner. They work in perfect sync when connected to a networked group of computers.

The Criterion for Choosing Your New Scanner

  • With all these scanners and more available in the market, what helps one choose the perfect scanner for one’s need? Let us discuss.
  • What would be your ideal size of paper? Would it vary or is it pretty much standard? A3 or A4 seems to be the commonly used sizes.
  • Decide if you need your image to be black and white, color or grayscale? Most scanners work in full color these days.
  • How many papers would you be scanning every day? It could range from 10s to 1000s per day. The throughput should be a major factor in selecting the scanner.
  • Will you need your device to be able to recognize the characters and extract data automatically? If so, you will be an optical character recognition or OCR receipt scanner. This scanner will help you convert the written word in the physical document into a digital format with much ease.
  • Your throughput will also help you to understand the page per minute (PPM) you will require the scanner and help to choose one.

These are just a few broad guidelines when it comes to choosing your scanner. While it takes a few tries to streamline your scanning process into your existing documentation structure, it will be worth it. The scanning and image capturing techniques will help you to increase your efficiency.

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    Paige Jirsa

    great article! I am in the market for a new receipt scanner! Do you have any recommendations? I love keeping everything paperless and organized!

  2. Avatar photo
    Linda Graham

    Great post! It can start with installing a simple scanner to elevate your business to the next level.

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    James Matthews

    The article is truly an eye-opener for anyone in the market shopping for scanners. It will streamline your scanning process and make one more organized. Truly, an awesome article.

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