4 Gift Cards That Can Help You to Save a Lot

Gift cards became very popular with the growing e-commerce network. Before the launch of Amazon, the biggest e-commerce network gift cards were rare. Gift cards do exist but in physical form and not digital form. But the growing e-commerce web gradually took up this concept and created it virtually who eased up many things for online shoppers.

Today almost every e-commerce website offers you gift cards with attractive schemes benefiting and improving your online shopping experience. That’s great, isn’t it? Gift cards have proved to be a boon for frequent buyers or shopaholics.

We often worry when we think about shopping. Every time we shop, we spend more than required and then keep on worrying about budgets, but the gift cards have solved these problems. Also, when you want to gift something to someone, we need to brainstorm on things the receiver would like, but gift cards make the decision easy as the recipient can choose what to do with money.

Gift cards for loved ones

Top four gift cards for your loved ones

Ok so let us quickly get over the concept of gift cards. These are like any other cards you use with value and terms and conditions of use. A person can use it instead of money to buy anything online. Ok so now let us look at top four gift cards which will save a significant amount of your money and will give you maximum benefit.

1. Google Play Gift Card

Google Play gift cards surely deserve to be on this list. Google has been a revolution in everything that’s related to the internet. And now even our mobile devices would be dumb without Google supporting the Android systems.

Google, with its variety of applications, continuously ease our work as well as provide us excellent entertainment medium. And so is the purpose of Google Play. Google Play allows you to experience some of the phenomenal games and enrich your gaming and entertainment experience.

Watch your favorite movies, download Android apps & games, and explore the world’s largest selection of e-books without using your credit card. So now by gifting Google Play gift card to your loved ones, they can continuously enjoy anything and everything that is available on Google Play store.

However, if you’re not in a mood of buying gift cards, then you should try online free Google Play credit generator tools. They might help you out to get free codes for just completing a survey. But it’s all about your luck.

2. Amazon Gift Card

As we discussed in the introductory part that Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce networks. It has its network in several countries. So, wherever you are, you can find Amazon services available for you!!

So, Amazon does have the facility of gift cards. Also, according to occasions and festivals around the globe, they bring in new schemes for their customers which are their best part. They have gift cards for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and much more. You can choose a physical one which will be delivered to whoever you specify, or you can send your loved ones these via email. You can choose if you want to give gift card worth a few rupees or you want to give a gift card of any brand which the receiver can redeem for shopping, dining in, etc. Amazon has gift cards cum vouchers of brands like Baskin Robbins, lifestyle, shoppers stop, etc.

You can choose if you want to send a physical gift card or email gift card. You can also choose black box cards, etc.

3. iTunes Gift Card

Up next on the list is the gift card brought to you by iTunes. Quite a few know about it, or we should say only iPhone users know about it. So, these gift cards are brought to you by Apple.

Upon giving these gift cards to your family members and friends, they can buy, or we should say they can choose anything they wish and want from the app store on their iPhone devices as well as from iTunes and bookstore.

With these, you can give 3 or 12-month subscription. They are very easy and simple to give. One can either buy it from apple or thousands of retailers out there. So, these are iTunes Gift cards, iTunes pass, music apps, and songs or Apple music Gift cards.

4. PlayStation Gift Card

Here we have another cool series of gift cards on the list, and it’s none other than PlayStation. PlayStation has its place, and it’s so famous among kids and teens. The PlayStation Network card is easy and straightforward.

It is one of the most convenient ways to make your PlayStation Store purchase without using a credit card or any card for payment. PlayStation Network cards are available for a variety of retail stores throughout the United States and Canada and now across the globe as well. One can specify the amount to associate with the card, and the recipient can go to any retail store and enjoy hassle-free shopping of his/her favorite games.

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