Graduating from high school is always exciting. Although we might be happy about the upcoming prom, busy with choosing chic and fancy outfits – there is one thing that bothers all graduates. They wish they knew that little secret that guarantees them a beautiful warm place in one of the best colleges in our country.

We have asked people who know how to enter any college effortlessly. The key is an ideal admission essay, written according to all the rules. Although grammar and spelling are not the only things, one should take care of. No one will grade you with an “A” for boring writing.

highest admission essay score

Score Highest Admission Essay Writing

Here are some excellent tips on shooting your best and get appreciation from college commission no matter where you apply.

What is the best start?

We all know that the admission essay starts with a compilation to Counseling Consultant.

We will not remind you of the scheme, but give you some hints on how to make it more impressive. This essay is a kind of self-portrait. It is wise to:

  • start with a brainstorm;
  • highlight your strongest sides;
  • let your best features work for you.

Never be afraid of using a quote, but no more than one. The goal is to make readers interested in the subject and want to read further. A single paragraph is enough for your beginning. Do not make it too long as it will seem a kind of splurge and will make the whole paper too dull.

Making up a body

Do not use examples provided on the Internet. Even if there is a tiny chance you will manage to cheat without being caught – those papers are trite and boring. Look at the task under a different angle. Describe another vision of the situation provided.

taking note

For instance, if there were a topic about a tree, 90% would describe that tree from the point of view of a human. To be more creative and get more points one could try to explain it from the point of view of some bug or an ant. Now you feel curious about this story, aren’t you?


Stay away from boring summaries – even if the entire paper was a good, boring and dull outcome can ruin all your work. If we refer to our tree description example, the boring conclusion is something like: ‘I love this big green tree, it is my home, I will never leave it’.

If we imagine ourselves tiny bugs who live on that tree, we will be able to see all other trees around. The good summary might sound like: ‘Although I love my home and feel cozy here, I will never miss my chance and get to that blossomed tree one mile away’.

And one more tip: double-check. Read your paper twice or more – that will help you avoid or fix most of the mistakes.


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