4 Tips on How to Actively Get Feedback from Your Social Media Audience


The social media platform has come as a gift for both small and large businesses. However, the former has seen the bigger impact as they can now launch campaigns without having to worry about the budget constraints. Although a digital marketing agency will do most of the work, you have to show up for your social media audience. Remember that they need to know who they are working with or buying from. To actively keep in touch with them and continually engage them, do the following things:

True Feedback from Social Media Audience

Social media audience feedback

Post a question

A question will require an answer and that is where everyone will have their own views. It is vital that the question be short and brief so as your followers can read it quickly and get insight into what you are looking for. Also, the questions should not be direct with direct answers. For example; you should avoid asking a question such as, who is the president of USA. Ask questions like; what are your views on the current healthcare crisis? Which is the best gift to buy for a loved one on mother’s day with a budget of up to $100? Such questions will bring about varied views and they will be put on your comment box thereby attaining your objective.

Comment and share on trending topics

There are always emerging issues that may be politics, economic, and social issues. Such issues may be relevant to your social media audience and thus the need to share them. This would help your audience to get on board and engage actively on social media once you share such content. You can share such content from authoritative sites including local news sites on social media. This will help to inform your followers and thus increase engagement on the same platform. Approach a reliable digital marketing agency that understands social media in depth to manage your campaign.

Use photos as content

Sometimes your audience may be too tired or bored to read what you have on your social media profile. This is where photos will be the best option to upload as content. You, however, need to edit those photos and include encouraging words and statements to help make them interesting. Photos can speak volume to your target audience if done right. Any good digital marketing company knows the power of photos on social media and how to use them in engaging your followers.

Ignite a debate

A debate has two sides opposing each other. You have to come up with such a debate in such a way as you make your audience to choose sides. Remember that you are dealing with people from all walks of life and thus have different tastes and preferences when it comes to all matters or topics of discussions. You can set up the debate in the form of a question or a statement clearly asking them to choose sides. For example, if you have an online boutique, you can pose a debate question this way; “black or blue dress for a birthday dinner date”. This will receive a lot of suggestions and different people will join either side of the discussion for positive engagement.


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