WordPress is free, open source publishing software that can be installed locally on a web server and viewed on a proprietary web site or hosted in the cloud and viewed on the WordPress website.WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool written in PHP. But in non-geek speak, it’s probably the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system (or CMS) in existence today. WordPress is a user friendly content management system for websites and blogs.

WordPress Training Bengaluru

Step1: How to read?

WordPress is easy-to-use, strapping, and supple. Creating a website, and maintaining a website, is a science and art that has speedily yield? In order to fully, respect this it is dominant to be well read on the subject.

Step 2: Make a plan

Based upon the information you’ve just read, including instructions on installing WordPress, you should have a list of the things you need and things to do.

If not, make that list now. You’ll want to make sure it includes the following information:

  •    Website Host Requirements Checked and Verified
  •    Versions of PHP and MySQL Checked and Verified
  •    Web Host Compatibility with New Versions of WordPress

Step: 3 How to learn WordPress?

When doing webs you need to comprehend that having the domain is significant. A short and clear URL will help your potential customers or visitors remember your site better. The number of your viewers depends on this factor. They may feel curious with the name of your site when it’s closed to your content.

WordPress site supports better security and ideal themes together with experienced technical assistance. Everything here can be free to save your valuable money when doing webs


Advanced Use of WordPress

Now that you are familiar with the basic features and functions of how WordPress works, it might be time for you to plunge deeper into the power of WordPress. The links below will expand your familiarity with PHP, HTML, XHTML, and CSS:

Lessons: WordPress Features and Functions Using Permalinks
Easy Setup: Setting up WordPress is quick and easy.

Easy to Update:

They are easy to update. If you can make a Word document, you can publish a new article to your Word Press website. Once it is set up, you can update it anytime you want, and that is essential for involvement with your visitors and for the search engines. – Themes allow you to modify the design of your website easily. There is large number of themes available for Word Press.

Plug-in allow you to extend the performance of your Word Press site without knowing how to program. There are over 10,000 plugging available that help you add all types of functionality to your site, like social media sharing, SEO, photo slideshows, and much more.

Easily Outsourced:

Other benefits of using Word Press for your website are that you can quickly outsource website updates and changes. You can set your virtual assistant up with their own username and password and all they will need to do is login online to work on your site.

Management of Content:

A great thing about using WordPress as a website is the use of the Categories and Archives that are built into the system. You can categorize your content into different sections and Word Press will instantly sort it for you.

Search Engine Friendly:

Search engines love websites that are regularly updated. Because of the nature of blogs and Word Press you will likely be updating very regularly and this is best part about it for your search engine rankings


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