5 Free Tools to Grow Your Online Business

If you are thinking about branching into the e-commerce world, or you are running some other type of business online, you will need all the help you can get to do that business into a success. And when you are just starting, spending a lot of money on the tools that you need may not be possible. That is why it is a good idea to learn about the free online tools that you can use to grow your business. For instance, you could check out Brad Russell’s list of online marketing tools to see how you could better market your products or services for no money at all. Here are some free online tools that will help you grow your business:

Free Online Tools for Your Business

free online tool for your startup

1. Groove

If you are running a business alone, or with minimal help, you are handling everything yourself – including customer service. Groove is very useful as a desktop organizing software because it gives you instant access to all of your customer service tickets. Since pleasing customers is such a vital aspect of e-commerce, especially for new companies, Groove can help you take a step forward in this avenue.

2. Hootsuite

Being active on social media is so important if you wish to get the word out there about your company, products, or services. And with so many social media network accounts to manage, a program such as Hootsuite is ideal for having all of those accounts managed from one place. Not only is it easy to schedule and stack up against your future posts, but Hootsuite is also ideal for managing the notifications from each social network where you have a company account.

3. Slack

When you are growing your business, you will be partnering with other individuals. Some may have a position at your company while others may be temporary contractors or freelancers. In all of these instances, you will need a method of communicating with people who are not in the same area. Slack is one of the easiest ways to achieve this goal. Slack offers fantastic team chat solutions, along with other tools that help with productivity and communication.

4. Dropbox

When you are coming up with new ideas for the company, sending work to contractors or freelancers, moving files around for printing or other purposes, and attempting to save copies of important documents online, Dropbox provides a fantastic solution. It is completely free, available on all desktop and mobile platforms, and is very easy to configure.

5. Due

If you are searching for a billing and payment solution, Due is a terrific option. It is an end-to-end solution that is 100 percent free and extremely reliable. The features Due offers include time tracking, project overviews, invoicing templates, PayPal links, eCash transaction support, and more.

There is no reason to spend a ton of your valuable business finances on productivity and other online tools when there are so many great free options. While you may transition to paid options in the future, starting with free software is a great way to get your startup going on a budget.

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  1. Why not right? Why not take advantage of those that are free but of course you also have to consider that even if they are deemed free, we have to see if it will really work for our platform or not.

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