Folder Color Review: Manage OS X Folders in High Efficient Way


We live in this very busy time. Do you spend hours on finding a document in the sea of files? That is so frustrated and a waste of time. Well, spruce the file folders up by customizing the folder icons is an efficient way. Folder Color is such a neat tool let you to customize icons your Mac OS X folders, create colorful and unique folder icons with different color, personal or customized images.

Folder Color for OS X folders

Get Folder Color from the Mac App Store(Link)and launch it. Now you are easy to customize a file folder icon in the intuitive app’s window. You can change the icon’s color of the OS X folders to help you manage folders via different color classification. The folder color intensity and the transparency of the folder are free to customize at the right panel. All of your changes show in real time.

Managing Mac OS X folders with Folder Color App


You also could custom certain folder icons by using pictures to specialized your folders category. Just choose a customized image from the resource library which is supplied by default. Or import your personal images that you occasionally find which are good for setting icon. To execute this function, click “Resource Library” at the upper left of the main interface, and click “+ -” at the bottom to add or delete images respectively. Then you can customize the icon of Mac OS X folders with personal images by directly drag-n-drop them from Finder or Resource Library, or click “File” on menu bar and then select “Add Files” to achieve this function.


After add the images to the folder, you could edit and adjust the added images following your preference at the right column of the program interface. You can set the background of the image, the images’ size, position, shadow and transparency. While you select “Auto Crop”, you only need to adjust its size and position, and then app will crop the redundant part for you automatically.


Of course, if you want to restart all the setting on the customized image icon, you can delete them via highlight the image and hit “Delete” button on keyboard. To delete all the images you just added, click “Edit” on menu bar and then select “Clear” which enables you to take back all the operations and return to what it was.

To apply your customize folder icon, acquire a completely new look of your folder in a flash. Just drag any folder you want to work on into the interface, the appearance of the icon will change instantly to what you made in interface. Or you can also click “File” on menu bar and then select “Change Folder Icon” to change certain specified Max OS X folders.


Folder Color is a fun and easy way to manage and brighten up your OS X folders. It can help to classify and find your folders easily with customized folder icons, which are more recognizable by using photos or colors that is more relevant to the contents of the folder and prominent than the standard generic blue tabbed folder. If it can add text to the folder icon would be better, but use the word art as images to customize icons is a nice alternative choice.


  1. I appreciate the information. However Apple Store do not make this available for Brazil.

    Can you believe it ??? The price of the computer is 5 x more expensive and the good stuff they did not share.

    It is always good to know.


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