5 Tips for Purchasing a New Cell Phone


So, you want to buy a new cell phone? What with all the glamorous advertisements and the many models available, it can be downright frustrating deciding which one to purchase. Of course, the little voice of caution in your head will be telling you to make sure that you have enough money to complete the purchase, but the enticements of the new product can make it difficult to choose wisely. Fortunately, there are things you can do to ensure you don’t rue the day you bought the smartphone. Read on to learn five tips to make a new cell phone purchase easier and more worthwhile.

Buying new cell phone

How to Purchase A New Cell Phone?

1. Ignore Hype Like The Plague

When smartphones have new releases, there is always an inordinate amount of hype in the advertising world to get the attention of potential buyers. It is not uncommon to see huge queues outside electronic stores right before the release of the latest model. The hype generated by the manufacturer prior to release helps maximize the profits gained by the sale of the smartphone. In marketing jargon, this psychological result is referred to as the “sheep effect”: People go for the products after repeated exposure to positive advertisements for it. If you fall for this trick, you will find yourself hopelessly snared by the ones who want to get as many “Benjamin’s” as humanly possible for the products. In this case, the early bird does not get the catch. Rather, it is the one who has the patience to wait until the hype has died down.

Another benefit of ignoring the hype is the ability to review the market feedback on the new product. If it happens to be riddled with glitches, you will thank your stars that you were willing to wait.

2. Take Advantage of the Hype

Now, you may be saying: “Wait a minute! Didn’t I just read in the previous paragraph that I’m supposed to ignore the hype? Make up your mind already!” The truth is that hype over a new model can also be used to your advantage. When a new cellphone model comes out on the market, the hype surrounding it overshadows previous models as well as models created by other manufacturers. At this time, prices will start to fall drastically as people focus on the glamour of the latest model. If you look at this phenomenon with an eye for a good deal, you will be richly rewarded.

You can save huge amounts of money when purchasing a smartphone if you are willing to have something slightly less high-tech the dazzling new model. For example, if you already own Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7 just got released, do some research if it is worth upgrading. I’m sure you will find articles like this quite easily.

3. To Keep or Not To Keep Your Service Provider

When your current phone contract is running out, consider a phone upgrade. Many phone contractors will renew your contract for an extended period of time if you ask them to. Because they are loath to lose customers, you can request a phone upgrade at the same time. Most companies are more than happy to do that for you rather risk losing you to another service provider. You can obtain a tremendous discount in contract negotiation this way that can turn out to be better than anything you could find online or on Amazon. The downside of this deal is that you will need to stay with the provider until your contract runs out.

On the other hand, service providers are constantly on the lookout for long-term customers and will offer deals that include new cell phones at greatly reduced prices. Long-term customers provide steady revenue and are a huge asset to service providers. If you can’t negotiate with your current service provider, consider switching to a different provider when your old contract runs out. When a new smartphone is released, carriers often advertise attractive deals that are only available with a long-term contract. If you want to switch carriers, you might be able to get the latest smartphone along with a more economical plan. You have just killed two birds with one stone. Score.

4. Take A Look At Your Monthly Plan

Pretend that you have just spent a huge amount of cash on a new cell phone. If you purchased your phone in a contract, you can cut corners to save money in the overall cost of the smartphone. Interested? Keep reading.

If your plan includes unlimited data, remember that you are paying a hefty sum for it. Think about your WiFi options. Do you have WiFi available in your home or your workplace? If so, you can turn off data services and use WiFi to access the Internet. Limit your use of mobile data to places where you don’t have access to the Internet wirelessly. Also, take a look at the number of minutes and text messages you use before signing a contract. You might be able to take advantage of a plan offering free minutes and text messages within your usage level to reduce the cost of your monthly bill.

Do you look for special discounts applicable to your demographic? Students, military veterans, educators and others are often given discounts on their monthly bills. Long-term customers may also be able to take advantage of a loyalty bonus for staying with the same network for an extended period of time. You might also have the chance to purchase a new cell phone at an extremely reduced price with the loyalty bonus.

5. Study Your Options

Most customers make the mistake of hasty decisions when it comes to a smartphone purchase. They (1) check the first two stores, (2) decide which phone they want and (3) present their plastic credit card to the cashier. A savvy smartphone shopper never makes this mistake. The best way to shop for a new phone is via the Internet. You will be surprised to find how easy it is to use the Net in this way. Check out tech websites to obtain an unbiased review of the pros and cons of the phone model you want to purchase. You might just stumble upon a smartphone with the specs you need in your price range that you never knew existed. Using the Internet also gives you an idea of what’s available and can equip you to make better decisions, if you choose to shop at the mall or electronics store instead.


I hope you enjoyed this article. These tips should make it easier for you to purchase a new cell phone without demolishing your bank account. Please feel free to leave comments below!


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