Your Next Fitness Wearable: Fitbit Blaze, Samsung Gearfit 2, and Apple Watch Quick Review


Fitness wearables have been around since who knows when, with hundreds of brands sprouting up every day, so in order to stand out, companies need to do something innovative. We’re going to take a quick bite out of these three leading 3 fitness wearable and see which one would fit your preferences best. Here we go.

What’s Your Next Fitness Wearable?

Fitbit  Blaze

Fitbit Blaze

The Blaze is Fitbit’s best fitness wearable so far, the household name for fitness trackers has now shadowed some of its rivals with its design and functionality upgrade. Customization is also renewed. You can buy new couture straps and hot swap the unit between evening drinks ready and workout-friendly looks in an instant. The panel is a tidy 1.25-inch 16 color display, which looks pretty slick. Its touchscreen is very responsive, with options for functional buttons that you can use when your fingers are sweaty.

It tracks steps, calories burned, active time, stairs climbed, resting heart rate as well as the quality of sleep. Even more, it has numerous sports modes, which will track specific exercises using the built-in heart rate monitor, and it can also be used as a running watch. You can check out Fitbit Blaze online at Harvey Norman to know more about the Blaze.

Samsung Gear Fit 2

Samsung Gear Fit 2

The newest wearable from Samsung boasts a slim design with a curved AMOLED display, which can show smartphone notifications as well as weekly charts. It as has a GPS, heart-rate monitoring, and music storage functionality. Not all is well though, it has a shorter battery life compared to the blaze, the precision of heart-rate sensor can fluctuate during workouts, and you can’t wear it in the shower or while swimming. Now recommended for hardcore workout warriors.

Is it for you? The Gear Fit 2 is a great-looking wearable, sure, but most experts agree that it cannot fully reconcile its dual role as a smartwatch and an activity tracker. Still, it has more extras than the average fitness wearable as well, so we’ll leave it at that.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch Sport

The aging apple (more than a year) watch is handsomely made. It can handle calls and is a good fitness tracker with hundreds of apps from the AppStore. It can send and receive voice calls via your iPhone. The whole thing is IPX7 rated, which means it’s splash proof, but not waterproof, so you can shower with it if you want, just don’t take it for a swim.

Should you get one?

Some say that it’s the nicest smartwatch available, but it can be more of a status symbol than fitness wearable ground-breaking. Many of the watch’s features can be categorized as nice to have or superfluous. You decide.

Capabilities, Battery and Compatibility Comparison Chart:

Fitness wearable comparison

There you go. Whatever smartwatch you get, make sure to maximize all its features and potential as they are not that cheap.


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