For effective fishing, there are some basic Gadgets that everyone in the industry should be having. It is true that fishing tools keep on evolving. They have moved from the simpler ones that were in use in the past to more complex ones that use high technology and lures. Here, we are looking to provide you with a list of five tools that you should be in possession of for successful fishing escapades.

Fishing Tools

What are the Gadgets you need?

As an angler, you will need the following five gadgets to enhance your fishing experience:

Fish finder

With the growth of technology, it is now easier to locate fish in water. With the help of a right fish finder, you can be able to locate a school of fish in the minimal time possible.  This tool will help you to save time and you will use less effort as compared to travelling in the sea aimlessly hoping to find fish out of nowhere.

Bait and lures

Baits vary from price to price. For instance, worms are cheaper form of baits as compared to live frogs or small fish. Either way, you need to have baits that will serve as either food or as a tool to grab the attention of the fish for example through its color or reflection.

Fish hooks

For you to be able to snag the fish, you need a fishhook. This will enable you to reel the fish in easily. For proper working, a fishhook has a design that allows it to impale and imps in the fish’s mouth soon as it takes a bite on the bait. Fishhooks vary in different sizes, materials and shape. The kind of hook you acquire will depend on the kind of fish you are going to fish.

Weights and floats

These play a huge role in determining where your fishing hooks will settle once you cast them in the water. In order to pull the fishing hooks farther towards the bottom or any other part that the fish could be located you need high quality weights. As for the floats, they determine how deep the line and the weights will sink into the water.

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Fishing line

This tool will help you to further cast your hook and bait into the water. This do not have to be expensive as even a simple string can serve the purpose. However, for proper angling, there are fishing lines that are specially designed to match the task. The fishing lines vary in elasticity and visibility. The type you acquire will depend on the type of fish that you are targeting.


For proper fishing, you need to have proper gadgets. A good fish finder will help you a lot. Especially Garmin Striker 5DV is a great fish finder including GPS feature. Aside from helping you to locate the fish easily, it helps you to mark the sport so that you waste little time and use less effort in identifying the spot the next time you go out fishing. Other tools that you will need include a fishing line, a fishing hook and baits and lures amongst others.