How to Find Best CDN Provider? A Complete Guide

CDN or Content Delivery Network uses distributed networks or servers to bring web information to your devices. This delivery depends on where the user is situated, what the nature of the webpage is and what kind of server is put into play.

Find best CDN provider

Best CDN Provider

There are many factors that go into finding the best CDN provider for you:

1. Experience

Your CDN provider will be doing a pretty important job- taking your content to the world. If it’s not up to the task, then your business suffers. You might be taken in by a lower rate but do think about the long run. Does the provider have the goods to take your business to the next level? Does it have sound backing in terms of resources and money? Is its track record above board? Lots of CDN providers have started off with gusto but not lasted for too long. Make sure you go to an established, well-reputed provider with an impressive track record.

2. Cutting-edge technology

There are providers and then there are providers. The key differentiator is the amount of innovation that is used. The question isn’t whether the content is delivered. Of course, it will be. The question is how and how data-intensive will it is. For instance, you must have QuickTime and Windows Media Live. It should give you help in Windows Media Streaming and other Streaming. The ease with which you can do your work or have your content on the server depends a great deal on the technology in place. Make sure that your CDN provider uses the latest technology.

3. Capacity capabilities

Depending on your business needs, you’ll have to choose the correct bandwidth capabilities. Most providers use GB to finalize charges. If your content is media-rich, with lots of videos and music and that sort of data, then a higher capacity is needed. But if you’re not going to need so much, why spend on a massive package? This step will require you to do some future projections as well, taking into account what the coming traffic might be like.Β  This means, start with a smaller number and then you always have the option of raising the amount as your business picks up.

4. Analytics

We’d all love to believe that our business is doing well. But unless we have cold hard numbers, we won’t know for sure what the scene is. Analytics is the way to learn more about your business. This is a vital tool because it helps you with many things- what the demand for your business, product or service is. You can go region-wise as well and get as specific as you want about this.

5. Allied services

It helps to have someone give you more. After sales service is vital. There must be someone on call to help you when needs arise. Can the provider give you any other assistance as well, is what you need to think about- perhaps in your business, maybe with media players and what you can do with them- there are many things that a CDN provider is capable of giving. See that you get those too.

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