FamiSafe – The Best App That Ensures Adequate Parental Control

For parents, there is nothing as anxiety-inducing as not knowing where your children are or if they are safe. However, parents have to experience anxiety consistently and send their children out into the world, to playgrounds, to school, and so forth. You can never really know what your children are doing when they are far out. The world is a terrifying place, and everyone knows that it is full of kidnappers and predators.

Moreover, in the online world, children nowadays are liable to cyberbully, catfishing, pornography content, and various other destructive activities. The best way to genuinely protect your child is to use parental monitoring software. And that is where the parental control app FamiSafe comes in.

Famisafe is a parental control app that was launched by technological masters Wondershare. Originating from one of the world’s leading tech domains, FamiSafe is amazingly reliable, and it’s already built a name for itself. It is intended to help parents monitor their youngsters and their online activities every minute of the day. We are going to explore what features of the FamiSafe app are, how to use the FamiSafe app, and whether it is the ideal choice for you!

Famisafe parental contral app

FamiSafe App – Parental Control with Technology

Being a parent is a position that can bring you extraordinary happiness and joy; however, remember that child-rearing isn’t an easy job, it’s probably the hardest responsibility. As a parent, you will always get worried about your kids when they go outside alone or attempting something new without your supervision. For the most part, parents cannot control all aspects of the life of their childlike they can’t choose the friends they pick, what they do when nobody is around, and so on.

In any case, with the advancement of modern technology, parents can now guide and control their children with the help of some parenting software. One such software is the parental control application available for smartphones that enable parents to track the online activities of their youngsters and control them if necessary.

What Do Parents Look for in A Parental Control App?

All in all, what do parents search for in a parental control app? All things considered, this is the most pivotal question. Well, you ought to have full information about parental control applications for smartphones. You should know about the whole models that are significant for a reliable parental control application, such as:

Children Safety

It is the most crucial thing for a parent to keep their children safe always. Consequently, the parental control application must have an instant messaging service and advanced GPS.

Screen Time Tracking

Are your children putting enough time into their studies? Studying is what will give them a good future, so the parental control application ought to be efficient in offering a time-scheduling feature.

Location Tracking

Are they within the safe zone? How does a parent check that the children are under a safe territory? A helpful feature named Geo-fencing ought to be a piece of the parental control app. It will offer you an extraordinary power to create a safe zone around your child. Along these lines, at whatever point they attempt to cross the limit, an alert is sent to the parents immediately.

Simple UI

Easy and simple user interface. The interface of the app should be simple and easy for every parent so they can access it easily whenever from wherever on the planet.

Remote Monitoring

Ability to check their smartphone with remote function. It’s a verifiable truth that children use to avoid sharing their smartphones with their parents. So, a good app should come with a remote monitoring tech that enables parents to check their child’s phone, their ethical use to protect them from any sort of danger.

Social Media Stalking

It’s quite a disturbing sign when you notice the way people use social media nowadays. However, there is no mischief in utilizing the social media platform for exchanging messages and sharing of ideas. Yet, regardless, you have to control the way your children utilize the social media platform. To do this, you can make use of the parental control app FamiSafe that ensures that your children are not under the trap of social dangers.

Features of FamiSafe Parental Control App

Location Tracking

The application helps you monitor your kid’s location always. With the help of this application, you can geo-fence regions, and if your kid goes close to them, you will be alerted promptly by a notification. Additionally, the app can let you know about the battery power on their phone as well as the location history.

App Blocking

There are different applications on play store, of which some are useful, and others are improper for your kid. This feature of FamiSafe will help you to block those applications which you feel are inappropriate for your kid’s utilization.

Usage Restrictions

Now everybody knows a lot of screen time is harmful, yet it is often difficult to pry the cell phone away from your kid’s hand. This feature in FamiSafe application helps parents with limiting the amount of time in which their kid can use the smartphone.

Website Blocking

There are different sites on the web, and the content on them is often unsuitable for child seeing. This feature of FamiSafe application helps you block those sites which you feel could corrupt or harm your kid’s mind.

How to Use the FamiSafe App?


FamiSafe was made, keeping in mind that parents should find it easy to use. The app must be downloaded (Android/iOS) on both the child and the parents’ smartphone. Once you’ve downloaded the app on both phones, set up the accounts, and grant the necessary access to the app from your child’s smartphone.


You can likewise set up a pin on the application on your child’s phone, which would make them incapable of making alterations to the restriction settings. The FamiSafe app enables parents to pick which limitation they want to activate and to what degree. Likewise, it very well may be tailored to the parent’s needs. The FamiSafe is genuinely simple to utilize, and the application guides the guardians through the settings so parents will not have to stress over any confusion.

Enable GPS Tracking

Another worry for parents is where their youngsters will be at a specific time. Although Google itself, through Maps, enables us to know precisely the geolocation history, this application will allow parents to find in detail the historical backdrop of the most recent locations, to ensure that it is where it ought to be. Obviously, we can likewise track GPS continuously, to know where it is consistently. This feature requires the OS to give the app the necessary geolocation permissions, and you can utilize triangulation over the phone network. You can likewise use the terminal’s GPS.

FamiSafe Subscription Fee

This service offered by FamiSafe isn’t free. It’s under subscription, even though the costs are very competitive compared to other similar services. If you are paying monthly, the price will be $9.99 every month, in any case, if you pay the subscription quarterly, the price every month will be $6.66. Lastly, if you are paying for the subscription annually, the price will be $4.99, a reasonable price considering all the features that this app provides.

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