FamilyTime Review – The Monitoring App with Complete Solutions to Your Parenting Concerns

“A parental control app is capable of minimizing parenting concerns to almost half”, after hearing this tempting statement from most of my friends, I thought to give it a try too. I selected the FamilyTime parental control app because I heard brilliant customer responses to the app. It is quite an easy app that lessened my parenting concerns to a huge extent.

The FamilyTime app for parental control

 Here is my brief experience with the FamilyTime app.

What Makes The FamilyTime App Special?

The best part about FamilyTime is it works with the consent of both kids and parents, and you don’t have to face the fear of your child finding out that you are monitoring their digital activities. Unlike many other software and tools available for monitoring, FamilyTime doesn’t make you feel guilty about breaching your child’s privacy, and that is the most satisfying factor for me as a user.

You can monitor multiple devices from the FamilyTime dashboard using a single account. And you can even invite your partner to manage the parental control settings on your kid’s device.

The FamilyTime app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

A Glance at The FamilyTime App Features

FamilyTime app Android and iOS

You get to enjoy a multitude of features, once you start using the FamilyTime app and here is just a glimpse of them:

1. Limit Screen Time

Using FamilyTime, parents can lock kid’s devices on important occasions such as family gatherings or homework time. You can even customize their phone use by scheduling an auto screen lock on their device.

2. Web Monitoring

You can monitor web activities, can get access to bookmarks on your kid’s device, and can view frequently visited URLs along with the time and date stamps.

3. App Blocking

FamilyTime enables parents to have an idea of what apps their kids have installed on their devices. You can check the date of the installation of any app along with its usage frequency. Parents can restrict their kids from using questionable apps by blocking addictive apps.

4. Call and SMS Watch

Find out who your child talks to by monitoring dialed, missed, and received calls on their call logs. Parents can also monitor text messages sent and received on their child’s mobile device. With that, they can have a look at the complete contact book of their kids and can even Watchlist suspicious contacts to receive alerts every time either party makes contact.

5. Location Tracking

Oh! FamilyTime doesn’t only help you monitor kids on the web, but in fact, you can also track their location when they are outside. Parents can view the location history to stay updated where their child often goes. You can receive panic alerts from the app, in the case of an emergency.

I hope my FamilyTime review helped you understand that you can solve many parenting concerns with this app. Do give it a try! Happy parenting!!!

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3 thoughts on “FamilyTime Review – The Monitoring App with Complete Solutions to Your Parenting Concerns”

  1. Avatar photo
    Luca Sidoli

    This app is completely useless, because it’s too easy to uninstall. It took 2 days to my daughter to learn how to uninstall it; she is 13 and she is no russian hacker.
    What’s the point of a parental control app that gets uninstalled so easily?
    Support really answers 24/7 but the quality of the support is really poor and they never solved my issues.
    I canceled my premium subscription and asked for a refund, which they granted me, but I never saw a penny. In the last 3 months I have been writing to them every 2 or 3 days and they keep telling me that my refund is in the last stage of the process. This is going on for 3 months now… and I feel they are making fun of me.
    They refused to give me the address of their registered office and the name of a legal representative of their company. Ask yourself why.
    There are no such information on their web site.
    My advice is stay away from these guys.

  2. Avatar photo
    Jackson Elite

    Expensive solution. There are several apps in the market that offer many advanced features than this one at a quite reasonable price. All such apps offer somehow similar features but I would personally recommend Xnspy due to its excellent customer support service and advanced features.

  3. Avatar photo
    Hunter McRae

    This company has been terrible. The customer service has been awful, and there service doesn’t even work on Apple devices. Don’t waste your time or money of FamilyTime

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