Smartphone Companies had grown up too big in a short span of time. The mobile market had been flooded with a large numbers of devices with variant features and price. Technology is advancing with each passing day followed by a scope of improvement next day. People had played a major role in success of these smart phones in the mobile world. Majority of people are using smart phones, but most of them are worried about the degrading performance of these smart phones over a certain time period. To get rid of such typical issues, ES File Explorer has come up to the app world. Let us explore more about this application.


The home screen allows the user to glance at music, videos, images, movies, documents, and other gallery items on single frame. You can also get to know about the internal and external memory available & used. Screen displays different access options to other apps and functions. The ‘Graphic Refresh’ button is used to update the onscreen data as per device usage. User can also bookmark the related app, which he/she opens frequently for instant access.

ES File Explorer Manager PROdu battery saver download

ES File Explorer Pro

ES File Explorer is efficient enough to detect the junk present in your smart phone’s memory and list down the junk. It even displays the list of files that must be removed by the users in order to enhance the performance of his/her smart phone. It is easy to clear the junk as junk is also categorised into different types.


The cloud network entertains the user with several benefits. First of all, the need to access various devices is totally diminished. Users can easily maintain their data across different devices through different networks. Cloud makes it easy to save changes instantly on single site despite being worked from different locations.

ES File Explorer Manager PRO Cloud

File Transfer

Users can transfer the files quickly over certain network using ES File app and get the advantage of exchanging files with other users. It certainly saves the user’s time that might get wasted in low speed Bluetooth transfer. The sharing or file transfer is really fast through this application.


Users can add on a specific tool to the favourites list through this option. With just a single click, user can move to his/her favourite tool instantly. News, Downloads, Facebook, Documents, weather, apps, images, Google, Movies, and music options can be added to this list.

ES File Explorer Manager PRO Favorite

User applications

Users can view the apps that are installed on their smart phone and can even control the operability of each app. Here, you get to know about the app version and the storage occupied by the app. You can even lock the apps from here and can view their permissions too. You are allowed to restrict the usability of app on your smart phone.

Local Page View

It is basically the snapshot of device contents as a whole. User can use ‘Home’ option to view the folders associated with each app. He/she can even manage the device contents and see to it that what is downloaded on the device. ES File Explorer allows the user to gain access of files & data stored over the device. User can even delete the superfluous data that is not needed in the phone.

ES File Explorer Manager PRO Data Network


Various tools & features can be selected through ‘Sidebar’ option available with ES File app. Users can select from different options that are required to operate this application fluently.


With ‘Library’ option, the users can view different applications installed on their smart phone along with music and images. It provides a quick access to images and other apps. ‘Library’ even allows user to view the actual storage location of the app on smart phone.

ES File Explorer Manager PRO Media


User can access different networking options for utilizing the wide connectivity. Cloud, LAN, and other similar connectivity options lets the user to get connected with different networks. It even allows the user to pair with other devices through Bluetooth. User can take full advantage of Bluetooth connectivity feature.

ES File Explorer Manager PRO Network

Remote Manager

Most of the ES File Reviews had already acclaimed that the remote management utility of this tool is superb. Users can get connected a network and can collaboratively work over various devices. Different devices like PC, laptop, smart phone can be connected and operated over a network. Connection can be established with ease without any discomfort.

Tools Access

‘Tool Access’ is the most prominent feature of ES File app. You can access each and every tool built in this app. ‘Download Manager’ can be accessed to manage the data downloaded over your smart phone using ES file tool. ‘System Manager’ is really helpful in managing the applications and tasks on the basis of their permission access to the user.

‘SD Card Analyst’ is the latest feature that helps in listing all the apps installed on the smart phone along with files stored in these apps folder . It also showcases the percentage of space acquired by respected apps. The space used and available on SD card is shown to the user. Users can also enjoy features like special hide list, music player, and cleaner. Cleaner can be used to remove advertisements junk, residual junk, and obselete apps.

ES File Explorer Manager PRO DirectoryES File Explorer Manager PRO Storage


Users can easily select different screen views from the list of available options. Users are permitted to create a brand new screen, set a default screen, and close the irrelevant screen. ‘Clipboard’ feature can be used for pinning the features of this app.

ES File Explorer Manager PRO Screenshot

Final Thoughts

ES File Explorer app has performed nicely upgrading the performance of smart phones of most of the users. This is the major reason why most of the users have given positive ratings to this app in ES file Review. The ES File Explorer application is efficient enough to enhance the degrading performance of any smart phone. Installing this app from Google Play Store in the smart phone can turn out to be a great decision.

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